28th Senate District Campaign Update Bonnie Garcia Moves Forward as Voters Choice

Supervisor Jeff Stone running against former Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia does not know when to leave well enough alone. Stone held a press conference to respond to reports he portrayed himself as a police officer during a road rage incident in the city of Temecula.
Having read and reread the Sheriff report and listened to the complainant Richard Arnold, I only have one suggestion for Mr. Stone, drop it and stop the intent to use his mistake to slam his opponent Bonnie Garcia.
At the press conference Stone admitted he flashed the fake badge but insists “I did not say I was a police officer”. The Sherriff’s report , states Stone threw out a barrage of cuss words and shouted “you need to pull over right now!” as he flashed the badge. Stone was flanked by a group of supporters at the press conference some running for political office. Those running need to be astute enough to recognize flashing a badge and asking you to pull over makes it understood you are acting as a law enforcement entity and the act alone conveys you are a law enforcement officer. For Stone to claim he can be absolved from this attempt to intimidate by not saying “I am a police officer,” and supporters to accept this is a very weak response and indicative of an individual bereft of sound logic. Flashing a badge and authoritatively asking you to pull over is self descriptive, understood and does not require specific statements of who you are or represent. Badge=Authority.
A compelling reason to have disdain for these antics is the fact Jeff Stone has been called out for his conduct including conducting negative anti-woman harassment campaigns. The internet is replete with questionable incidents and sooner than later so will be your mailboxes. There is no expectation Stone will relent in his attitude as an anti-woman campaigner.
Voters need to pay close attention to the content of his ads since mailers will become more hostile until there is no time left for his opponent Bonnie Garcia to respond.
Stone eagerly espouses his beliefs before anyone who will listen and voters must understand, “your beliefs do not make you who you are, your behavior does”. Stone has exemplified questionable behavior in many documented occasions including in essence calling his opponent a whore. Ronald Reagan said: “Politics is the second oldest profession, although it bears a close resemblance to the first”. Stone in a news release said Prostitution is often called the oldest profession, “we can see this now first hand in this election”. With only Stone a male and Garcia a female running, who do you believe he was referring to? It does not take much insight to figure it out. The Stone attitude is not needed, wanted or an asset for the 28th Senate District. An anti-woman attitude is counter to any representation this district wants. Read into Stone mailers and you will personally see the underlying message.
Stone has often been on the extreme side of many issues including wanting to propose legislation for California identical to Arizona’s anti- Latino laws, he has blamed the California Teachers Association and the prison guards union for the state’s financial demise and has been a strong advocate to secede from California. Gil Duran, spokesperson for the governor is quoted as saying, “Mr. Stone was unsuccessful in his attempt to secede from California last year, but it appears he has had better luck seceding from reality”.
There are literally hundreds of what can be called gaffs coming from stone, all documented and it only goes to prove, Stone is not the best choice for the 28th Senate District. On November 4th, vote for Former Assembly Woman Bonnie Garcia, she has the credentials, experience, talent, education and the initiative to represent the “district” not her self interests.