We Have Always Been a Judeo-Christian Nation

It gets frustrating listening to this administration coddle Muslim terrorist, not even wanting to allude to them as terrorists while they bedevil the Jewish nation of Israel; Our only true ally in the Middle East. What kind of mindset does our leadership have to dismiss such a basic notion as supporting those who have always supported us? Dating back to the founding of our nation, Jews have supported our undertakings, unseen, without fanfare, and totally for the benefit of a new direction which would include them. Jews supporting our efforts totally believed the Latin inscription on our dollar bill “Novus Ordo Seclorum”, a new order has begun.
Very few Americans, including our present leadership could tell you who these Jews were or how they helped our new nation. For those interested, let me give you just one accounting. During the revolution, there was a wealthy Jew born in Lesno, Poland, a Sephardi Jew, family origins of Portugal, living in Philadelphia who saved the Army through his financial contributions of $25 million, giving all his wealth and dying a pauper in 1785. Twenty five million was an enormous amount in 1776, clearly the financial saving grace of our Continental Army. This was the beginning of our Judeo-Christian linkage for the United States. His name was Haym Solomon and when George Washington asked him what he could offer him as a personal reward for his services to the Continental Army, Solomon replied he wanted nothing for himself but would like something for his people. The result was the Star of David on our dollar bill. On the back side, there are two circles; the circle on the right has a cluster of stars above the head of the eagle. Those stars are in the shape of two inverted triangles, the Star of David. This is only one of the many aspects where we have tangible proof right in front of our own faces engraved in the dollar bill designed in 1776.
There are many confirmations God was a key part of this nation contrary to our leadership today who deludes us with notions it was never intended that way. The words above the circle on the left clearly state “ANNUIT COEPTIS” Latin for “God has favored our undertaking”. You also have the ancient symbol for divinity prevalent in those days of the all Seeing Eye. There is a historical perspective of our nation on the back of our dollar bill, a historical perspective of what our founding fathers were thinking. We today, are led astray from what their original thoughts were only through our own ignorance and our not clearly understood markings of what we encounter every day right in front of us, engraved for posterity.
Everything is relevant but it takes a willingness to accept the message. The realization we are a Judeo-Christian nation seems to be against the thinking of today’s leadership. The eagle is holding an olive branch in one claw with 13 leaves and 13 arrows in the other claw signifying a balance and we are willing to use either. If we as a nation can subscribe to this belief, so should our Middle East allies be able to defend themselves with our clear unequivocal support. With Iran now clearly supporting Hezbollah, Egypt with a Muslim leadership and confirmation 600 Hamas fighters had infiltrated their ranks on the Gaza strip and Syria exploding it is no time for our leadership to be equivocating.
In response to Hillary Clintons question, “what does it matter”, after Muslim terrorists killed our Ambassador and three other Americans that we KNOW of, it matters because the lives of innocent people matter more than your political career; Most especially when it has become an avocation, an obsession and a means to deviate our nation from the constitution to the whims of the leadership of your “progressive” party. America is not about party, America is about the concept of a free society, something politicians in leadership today care little about and are totally concerned about their own power. remember, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.