The Snowden Affair Reveals a Snow Job

The Snowden affair is a double edged sword. Snooping has been a significant aspect of mankind since we emerged from the primordial soup. Getting rid of our tail must have been a Liberal Vs Conservative issue and was kept a secret until tail falsies were no longer needed.
Today we are plagued with an insiders perspective who told the world what anyone entitled to a human brain must have know. “The government spies on us”! Oh no, now they know everything. The government has known everything from the day you were born, so cut the panic! You are born, given a social security number, your footprint is matched with your first pictures from inside the womb, called sound-O-gram and your file takes shape; from school photos, Drivers License, face book, millions of data bits, up to obituary. If you are from any heavily Democrat controlled precinct, you have a distinct advantage since you will still vote, from either end of the eternity staircase. Honestly, it is easier to renounce Christianity!
The NSA is a segmented organization or, like an octopus with an unlimited number of legs. No one knows how many or where they extend. You may have a Top Secret clearance, but all information is or was on a need to know basis. Operatives, analysts or gatherers have no clear knowledge of what the end puzzle looks like. Budgets are hidden within budgets and even congress has no clear clue about where funds are going. Sort of like ObamaCare. The lack of clarity is why what Snowden has done in revealing aspects of information is dangerous. Annalists from foreign countries will decipher the information and come to conclusions which may be false. It will place innocent people at risk. It is doubtful Snowden knows the full scope. It should not be feasible unless someone within the organization relinquished control of assigned responsibilities; a troubling offense.
The problem is not with the gathering of information; with today’s technology it is like picking berries. The problem is we no longer trust politicians who are allowed by “politically placed directors” to stick their grubby little fingers into all of our nations’ baskets of information where politics does not belong. Once politicians are allowed to control the informational assets, you have opened the door to a constitutional coup. Politicians take an oath on the bible but most of them “do not believe in the tenets of the bible”! Many, go to church for photo ops. So, big deal!
The fact Snowden went to media outside the United States, reflects clearly his perspective that American media works for and is controlled by this administration. He simply does not trust our politicians or our media.
Finding out NSA is spying on you should not be any more revealing than CNN, CBS, MSNBC, NBC,ABC, and most all print and radio media are partners with Democrat organizations, local and national! If this is a revelation, perhaps I too should seek asylum. Snowden warns us and reveals we are becoming a dictatorship and socialistic nation spied upon by our own government. Then he escapes to countries that are already Socialistic even perhaps Cuba. Of course, that does not make sense to us without understanding this administration and the majority of representatives want to lock him up if miraculously he escapes the death penalty. We know the FBI has operative drones over American soil, previously denied. This administration wants a “crack” at Snowden. The FISA (Foreign Intelligence) Courts are secret, rubber stamps. Who are they? Who controls them? Eric Holder, the Senate?
What we must learn here is that the process was corrupted. If Snowden knows what he claims he knows, inside the organization, there has been a tremendous lack of leadership oversight which limits what each individual knows. Those who have seen a honey comb with separate cells and walls keeping each unit separate will understand that is the way it used to be in NSA. Each honey comb or cell could expand but none knew exactly where within the honey combs their mission was; nor were you entitled to know. If this precept has been violated either through politics or ignorance, we are in deep trouble and stand to loose our freedoms through connivance. He who controls the information, controls all of the power; a dangerous predicament. You can already see the controlled media, lining up to pick our next president, all this maneuvering is not coincidental. The lack of answers is not coincidental, the investigations going nowhere, is not coincidental, the Justice Department stonewalling, is not coincidental, not knowing the how or why of Benghazi is not coincidental, the selection of a Republican to head the FBI who will work under Eric Holder is not coincidental, it is a means of retaining the gullible. The media alliance is not coincidental
It is as tiring for any journalist who tries to see things from the perspective of reality as it must be for readers to listen to it all the time. America has been dumbed down; we are spoon fed only the information media wants us to know. The NSA, the FBI, law enforcement, the military, the CIA, DEA, Gang Task Force and to some extent Snowden, none of these are the crux of the problem! The crux is our coming to terms with the fact we cannot trust our elected leaders and representatives to uphold the constitution. Nor can we trust formerly respected media to tell us the truth.
It is becoming more and more obvious there is a clear demarcation between party sycophants who are working diligently using all branches of government to deny us our Bill of Rights under the constitution and a party who is awkwardly fighting for us with a bucket load of wet noodles. Your task for today is to decipher which is which. If you can figure that out, you are on your way to saving the constitutional freedoms remaining for America, if you can’t or refuse to admit it, you, us and our children are on our way towards a socialistic, freedom deprived society, afraid of our own government. There is a constitutional process to change any “Bill of Rights” amendment of the Constitution and “Executive Order” or political connivance is not one of them! If all of us as “Americans” do not see that or do not care, then we are all heading back towards the primordial soup. Check to see if you are growing a tail.

Al Vasquez-Opinion