The Last Thing I needed First Thing This Morning

Al Vasquez-Opinion
The last thing I needed first thing this morning was the realization, “it’s too late”. Unfortunately, we as Americans fell asleep for far too long. There is no way as a society we can regress to the times as they were. Yes, it is all becoming clear to us it is happening under the Obama administration, yes, it was Obama that chose to capitalize on technology which already existed. What we have learned or for many will someday learn, technology is not to blame; the problem is ALL at the operational level manipulated by overzealous, unethical politicians who have invalidated our constitutional rights! Regardless of purpose or denials, your 1st and 4th amendment rights have been severely mauled if not gone. Your 2nd is hanging by a thread.
For the NSA, there is no way to have transparency and secrecy at the same time. It is simply not possible. White, transparency over black, secrets will give you “gray” which is exactly what we now have. Shades of gray is what you are witnessing when NSA head, Clapper, makes a statement such as; “I testified in the most truthful and least untruthful manner which I know.” The truth is not forthcoming because no one under Eric Holder’s Justice Department is afraid of any criminal accountability. The Justice Department is no longer ours; it belongs to Eric Holder and this administration. Scary is the technical ability for the government to have open ended surveillance of every individual. Many government agencies including the Justice Department and the IRS are used as a hammer. If you belong or contribute to the wrong party or organization you’re in deep trouble. In today’s world, it is the Obama Administration, and the Democrat Party who own the country, in future years, who knows who they we will go after. We are inches away from becoming a socialist, dictatorship under the auspices of Democracy. We are in fact a representative republic. We now have representation tilted to ONE party and they control all aspects of image, marketing, data, policing, courts, complicit media, taxation, aid, schooling, health care, military, unions, and unbeknownst to you, they continue to subliminally lead you in any direction they chose. How? With the very same technology we can no longer live without. Ever since 1844 when Samuel F. B. Morse telegraphed his first message “what hath God wrought?” we are discovering the answer. Perhaps we do not like the answer; it seems to be, “the end of personal freedoms”. It is not the fault of advancing technology, it is the fault of individual ego’s endless quest for power.
Obama was the first national candidate to manipulate social media, eves dropping, and all media networks. Manipulation of data has now effectively become the standard. No candidate can compete without using the same questionable ethics and any incumbent utilizing government agencies such as IRS, NSA or the Justice Department becomes invincible. Amidst many scandals, Obama could run today and still receive 51% of the vote.
As in any venture, anybody including Republicans can do it. It is a matter of what is important to those in power. For Democrats the most important aspect is power over the American people. Not everyone is in lock step of what to strive for with the power to influence direction but it is obvious “total control” is the key. Since “all politics is local” you need the election of local politicians to give you national power. Democrats totally understand that, Republicans still believe we as Americans will always do what is right. The problem is we are easy to convince through social media of what right is. Many Americans are waking up today and stating “socialism is not all that bad, I can get used to it”. As you listen to our leaders and their sycophant talking heads, you will easily see who these lemmings are. Don’t blame Obama, blame yourselves, it was your votes that got us the representation we have! But, was the count honest? A CNN poll shows 18-34 year olds support for Obama dropped 17% last month. Sixty percent now believe the government poses an immediate threat to their freedoms. Whoops! Better late than never, in the meantime, watch what you say. It was made clear today by a government spokesperson, Mosques are not under any type of surveillance, but the Tea Party, Christian organizations, churches and conservative patriots are. Whew, I feel safer already.