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The “I Know Nothing” President

Never mind the health care web site fiasco. While concerning, what bothers me the most is the fact I am finding things wrong in our nation before the President. Take Fast and Furious (arms sale to narco-terrorists by our own Justice Department), I knew about it as well as half of America when the president came on national television and explained he had just read about it in the newspaper. Then came Benghazi and the death of our Ambassador to Libya along with three other Americans. The president to this date does not know what happened. Hillary, our next president went on television and said, “I’m responsible but what difference does it make?” Obama still does not know where he was on the Benghazi night of the murderous rampage; none of us know where our leader was. Remember the IRS scandal where conservative groups were harassed, audited, delayed or prevented from incorporating until after the elections? Our president found out what little he knows from the newspapers. The IRS leader appointed by Obama, Lerner took the fifth, retired and lives on a healthy pension. In regards to the NSA spying scandal, the president is still reading about it in the New York Times. He doesn’t know who spies on whom even though he runs the shop. Foreign leaders who are our allies are infuriated. Univision television in Mexico knows more than the president.
Just last week, the health care web site they spent a billion dollars on and three years of jiggering failed. To the president’s amazement, he did not know it was not working until he read it in the newspaper. Presidents are briefed every morning but since this president refuses to listen or negotiate, maybe his staff just briefs the New York Times. Makes sense that way the president reads about it sooner or later and the Times reports exactly what the White House wants the world to hear. They call those “talking points”.
Starting five years ago, the United States turned sharply to the left and 38% of Americans are in strong agreement with that left turn and socialistic concept of taking from the rich. Amazingly, 38% of Americans are super dependent on the government for subsistence, not counting Social Security. Coincidence? There are a lot of coincidences cropping up lately. Recent polls indicate between 12 and 15% of those who have tried to enroll in Obama Care thought the health care web site worked perfectly. In rummaging through the minuscule data available on health care enrollments, it is interesting to note 12 to 15% of those “expected” to enroll in Obama Care, have drug dependency issues. Are these the same 12 to 15% or do we have two segments of loonies’ punching in stats on the government web site? Ironically, the site is crashing for us, not for them. It must be like waiting for the red light to turn green when on pot. How long have I been here? A time warp occurs and while enjoying the flashing lights in your rear view mirror from irate drivers, you also think the un-syncopated honking behind you are just bad speakers. These 12 to 15% have been sitting in front of a blinking green screen since October 1st and are jazzed with the great graphics.
Republicans tried to delay Obama Care for a year and Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi would rather shut down the government and blame it on the Republicans. Remember the outcry “we will not negotiate”! Now many Democrats are bringing up the delay issue as their idea in order to save the day.
We should insist on drug tests for anyone who serves in the Senate or Congress, there is a time warp here also. It would do no good, the president would just come out on national television and state, “I just found out in the newspaper that 15% of our representatives are stoned, with an authoritative voice he would emphasize “this is unacceptable”. He will have the same crew in charge of investigations of Fast and Furious; Benghazi, IRS and NSA do this one too. A2

The President says it is time to change the subject so he is moving on to “immigration Reform”. Fifty three percent (53%) of the nation he says agree with him, we need immigration reform now and Republicans better get with it. Of course Latinos, the same ones who carried all those signs on their immigration reform Marches across America which stated “Obama Deported My Mama”, one million deportations since he was elected think Obama really means it this 6th time. The 2014 Democrat election ploy for gullible Latinos will be immigration AGAIN! It always works to fan the flames of Latinos against those Republican Dinosaurs as Latino activists who have apparently forgot the two years Democrats ignored them while totally controlling both houses like to call them.
There is one thing that bothers me about the Presidents cited support numbers, when you add the 38% dependent on government assistance and 15% who are chronically on drugs, it adds up to 53%. Is it coincidence again or a clear sign of how we are being manipulated as a nation? Perhaps a road map to where we are headed? Latinos of South American countries have a distinct history of being manipulated with what they themselves call “con pan y circo”, with “bread and a circus”. This administration can easily be the circus and their subsidy assistance is a clever version of the bread.