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Socialism Will Not Hurt

When government says, “this won’t hurt a bit”, shouldn’t we be wise enough by now to know it is simply not true? I am starting to believe it is easier to say “ouch” and just keep supporting the same “ol lies” than to actually think for ourselves.
Our president was voted as the teller of the biggest lies in 2013, news paper journalists call them “Pinocchio’s” but we do not seem to even blink, after all, six years later it is still President Bush’s fault; according to absolutely unconscious, wedded to the party loyalists.
Forty-nine percent of our voters still fall in this category; it has become impossible for our nation to move forward. Just as sled dogs follow the lead dog, we have accustomed ourselves to follow party spokespersons who have incorporated the help of mainstream media to the point we in fact already have government controlled media whether you choose to believe it or not. This wedded bliss of media and the party in power is the most dangerous part of our current journey and preservation of American Freedoms.
The majority of the nation consists of low level, poorly informed citizens who rely solely on media or someone else telling them what is going on. When you tie this in with the intentional erroneous information, fabricated lies and contrived misleading data, “America, we have a problem”.
The year 2014 will clearly define where we as a country will end up. We already know where we are heading, but rest assured if we as a population do not wake up and we allow ONE PARTY which has proven to be untrustworthy to control the Senate, the House of Representatives, the White House plus ALL government department heads, within a year we will become a socialist nation. I know the majority still do not believe this but that is exactly what Democrat party leaders are counting on. Nobody is going to believe that! The courts as you read this are already being stacked, that was the clear intent of the Senate rule change two weeks ago and already dozens of previously held up judicial nominations are taking their seats on court room benches across the land. Many on appeals courts which can block any challenges to governments zealous approach to over-ride the Constitution and invalidate personal freedoms. The once safety valve of the Third Branch of Power, the court systems has been basterdized to the point it is becoming another vehicle for validation, change and corruption of our constitution.
• It is sad we must end the year politically with such a precarious state of affairs but if we truly believe each day is a new beginning, we will overcome! The majority of the nation is perhaps still ignorant of the truth, but they are not stupid.
• It has been said, “Ignorance can be cured with education, and stupidity is permanent”. In 2014, instead of believing everything we are being told by either mainstream media or the political party in total control, we must better inform ourselves. Our nation is not stupid, we need to awaken, educate ourselves about where we as a nation are being taken by our leadership.
Despite the self imposed titles of our leader’s intrinsic knowledge of the constitution, it is all a dangerous fabrication. Our leadership has in fact abandoned the notion our constitution means what it says and it is up to us, the citizens to get back on track or lose our freedoms forever more!