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Our National Virtue Has Become Deceit

This administration has become a cul de sac where truth enters and then is ceremoniously strangled. What we as citizens get is the mush left after the vomit. Today we are being led to believe Obama Care has reached its goal of 7 million enrollees even though there is no record of how many have actually paid. The malfunctioning healthcare web site, out of commission a major part of the final day nevertheless registered the half million enrollments touted as fiscally necessary. Deep down in our common sense drawer, we all knew the fabricated number of 7 million would be miraculously reached. Just as we can keep our doctor, keep our current health insurance and all will cost us less. We are becoming less selective about truth, intrinsically naïve and politically exploited melons so ripe, a thump in the head echoes “vote Democrat, vote Democrat”. Mark Twain used to say, “Providence protects idiots.” We see snippets of it before our own eyes, Never in the history of America have we seen, heard or been part of such shenanigans as is unfolding across our nation today with no real answers about anything. The string of misdeeds from violations of the constitution by our own president in making laws, the cover up of Benghazi, the IRS, the Justice Department, the NSA, government motors, Fast and Furious, the dismantling of our space programs, the downsizing of our military, the raiding of our social security funds, the continued un fettered borrow and spend frenzy, the constant attempts to invalidate the first amendment, the second amendment, the fourth amendment and now the giving away of the inter-net created by America to dubious nations; has become normal. The downslide of America as normal is not what Americans or those who came to America to become traditional Americans consider normal.
Today we have thousands of rebellious, religiously fervent immigrants who come to America to turn it into what they escaped from. Real Americans are becoming the minority, the constitution is becoming a relic, and our Bill of Rights are being trampled by our own leaders. Those who still believe in the cause of the founding fathers need to pay special attention to the election of 2014 and understand America is under siege. I speak to tens of people daily who were born Democrat and raised Democrat but can no longer find the niche they had carved out for themselves within the party. When you have a national Democrat leader Senator Dick Durbin, on the air rejoicing because “America has rejected the free enterprise system” by embracing Obama Care, America, we have a serious problem. Politicians now blatantly believe we cannot do anything about their change in our historical course from a free enterprise capitalistic economic model to the full trot towards socialism they are running to embrace. In reality there are only two economic classes in the world, 1) free enterprise with liberty and 2) socialism with government control. Let’s not kid ourselves; we know where we are being taken! We currently have a barn full of political leaders and representatives all vying for the title of “dumb and dumber”. Decline for America is a choice, not a condition!
America is being surreptitiously stripped of its ability to defend itself. President Obama declares he is simply adjusting to a peace time need. There are 46 armed conflicts in the world, the resurgence of the Cold War and as Director of Intelligence, James Clapper declares, “never in my 50 years of service have I seen a moment in which there are more crisis and threats to America as there are now across our planet”. President Obama speaking before NATO this week criticized the 28 nations in attendance for having reduced their armed forces, stating eloquently as is his style, “Liberty has a price”. Does he not listen to himself or has he become irreconcilably arrogant as our leader the truth for us no longer matters?