Immigration Reform-Part 1

As a nation we must come to terms with immigration reform. Quasi amnesty by presidential fiat sidesteps a real resolution. President Obama has caused judicial response in review of his law by memorandum. Creating law by presidential or judicial fiat ignore the fact only congress is delegated constitutionally to make laws. We cannot accept presidential memorandums or judicial rulings invalidating the constitution. Many Democrat representatives actively endorse the presidential invalidation of congress. Either they are too ignorant to serve or too party conscious to do the nation good. We voted them in and as a nation we can vote them out.
The ongoing consensus is we have 12 million undocumented who have invaded our nation. These 12 million are living in the shadows. Depending on frame of thought, they are either working and paying taxes while deriving no benefits or living off the system supported by us. In truth, the reality is somewhere in between with our own government covering tracks to benefit their own political point of view and quest for Latino votes.
Aside from the millions of undocumented, there are other numbers issued monthly by the federal government. Data issued for August 2014 shows an alarming trend making immigration reform even more compelling. The government breaks down employment statistics into two categories; U.S. Born and not U.S. Born. In August, native U.S. Born Americans lost 650,351 jobs from the month before while for the same month 650,012 more none American born had jobs than the month before. The numbers reflect a preference of the business sector to hire none American born workers. Depressed wages seem to be the top reason as to why. Since Obama took office, 1 million U.S. Born workers have been hired while at the same time, 2.6 million immigrants have been hired. Three quarter of jobs are going to the non U.S. born. The American born job sector has clearly taken a beating. Foreign born workers succeed in aggravating the situation of the anti business climate championed by this administration. “If you have a business, you did not build that, somebody else did”, words clearly and enthusiastically proclaimed by the president then picked up by his sycophant supporters as gospel. Add to this rhetoric the added costs of mandatory health care, higher taxes, exaggerated enforcement of environmental controls and the reason for uncertainty of the business sector emerges. Immigrants congregate where employment is readily available. Arkansas with the poultry industries or North Carolina with furniture manufacturing have seen a considerable rise in non U.S. Born hirings. California, Florida, Texas, Idaho or Washington with defined crop seasons are in desperate need of cheap labor. While American workers demand livable wages, workers arriving from nations such as Mexico where six dollars a day wages are common will gladly accept six dollars an hour. They labor as families, each earning six dollars an hour and share living expenses. This is how they accumulate monies to send home. As Citizens, we cannot accept six dollars an hour. Our entire wage earner philosophy and totally different standards of living make it impossible to compete. A compelling reason for immigration reform is to level the playing field in which it becomes feasible to compete at differing skill levels.
In general, undocumented immigrants who risk their lives to get here illegally come here to work. Statistics show, laborers want to earn American dollars for a few months and return home with plenty of cash. The advent of stricter border crossing enforcement to counter aspects of terrorism have precluded the legal return of the majority thus causing the 12 million undocumented back log.
There is no question the terrorism and drug running aspects of the undocumented must be addressed. We must be dealt the truth from this administration. As a nation, we are deceived at every turn. We no longer know what the truth is. In recent months we have knowledge of the 60,000 plus unaccompanied children who arrived in the United States and given sanction. Where are they? The Department of Homeland Security and this administration has excelled in stealth but not in defusing the influx of potential terrorists from Muslim countries or stopping drug lords from bringing in TONS of drugs. They keep hidden the underbelly of condoned aspects of illegal immigration. This demands a need for “real” congressional immigration reform. There are 750 miles of totally unsecured border. America has been blindly following the consensus of Democrat political masses and we find sometimes the M is silent. It is time for a new approach!