Honesty and Clarity Not to be Found

When it comes to immigration reform, president Obama is again waffling between honesty and clarity. These two words define the Obama legacy. Obama as has been noted, uses his feet as a barometer for major decisions and “cold feet” deter his ability to keep his word. Whether it be red lines or ultimatums, our adversaries and even his constituents understand as Obama often proclaims “it was not my decision” . He is correct, it is his feet who decide.
Foreign policy is rolled out daily. We as a nation have no clue where we are headed. But, in more dangerous territory are his military forces who from one day to the next have no clue about their mission regardless of what part of the world they are deployed.
Immigration Reform is a crucial issue and needs to be addressed in a impossible non-political fashion.We all need to realize, politics will be the deciding factor.
Latinos who have a stake in the game, are in limbo themselves or have taken on the fight on behalf of family should by now know this president has and will continue to think of immigration reform as an election tool. Obama has more than once over the past six years used the immigration issue to manipulate Latino sentiments. You would think Latinos would be wiser by now but they are not, they continue to pray at the altar of Obama and believe as instilled in them by their religion, “your suffering will be rewarded”.
Congressional representatives within Obamas party continually carry his water, condescend, agree and give him ample cover to continue to carry out deceits towards the nation. Should our representatives be just as culpable as the president? The answer is of course yes but you will be hard pressed to find admission.
One of the key reasons for dealing with the immigration issue is certainly border security but the economy and our citizenry are taking a terrible beating and no one brings up the bare facts on the employment issue. Touted national employment data is fraught with lies and statistics no longer worth the paper written on. Few people realize real employment numbers are determined AFTER the president gloats of even the most minuscule tick up in the numbers. After the photo ops, the Feds make what is called a correction and impressive gains are realigned with reality weeks after the speech.
These are the facts, there are 92.2 million Americans no longer participating in the labor force. These 92 million are in the “cloud” whereabouts unknown. The federal government keeps statistics for employment in two categories, U.S. Born and not U.S. born. The statistics for August reflect 650,000 fewer U.S. Born Americans had jobs from the month before. In the same month, the number of non-U.S. Born employed went up 651,330. Translation, more immigrants were finding employment. Since Obama took office, 1 million U.S. born Americans found jobs while during the same period, 2.6 million immigrants found jobs. Seventy-five percent of jobs go to immigrants. No wonder the unions are salivating to let more in! Dues are a wonderful thing.
The immigration issue must be addressed in the proper context to be able to deal with an economy in stagnation due to the two major issues tied in with immigration; jobs and terrorism.
The issue of illegals and immigration reform would address the depressing wage affect while dealing with border security will help the nation address a problem we all need to take seriously, terrorism crossing our borders via Mexico.
From the very beginning, the Obama administration has dealt with the immigration issue as a political football and the “issue” of immigration hits the soft spot every election for Democrats. There are a higher percentage of Latinos who chose to believe Obama than those who have gotten wise and now see it as a political ploy.
Obama has no qualms about violating the constitution and Latinos expect he will violate it one more time with an “Executive Order”. As Psychologist, B.F Skinner found, all human thoughts and behaviors are just reactions to stimuli; think of Obama as the crazy scientist who has learned how to manipulate Latinos to the point where he merely promises and they salivate! Sad but true .