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America Will be Going to Washington

Today we have party affiliated reporters who do nothing more than repeat party platforms and pursue political agendas. We have a media establishment that has surrendered itself and has become a vehicle for misinformation from an administration that has clearly reinterpreted the constitution to its own likings. Where are the journalists now when our government is refusing to honor the body and bury our soldiers killed in war due to the obstinate insistence of “no negotiation” put forth by this administration. The Department of Defense has been given legal authority to bury our troops. This is not congress doing the harm, it is the administration unwilling to deal with reality and pay for our troops funerals! Democrats should be embarrassed by this obstinacy. This is not a right left issue.
It is a journalists responsibility to question authority, most especially any authority who places itself in a position to cancel, replace or amend our rights. Our current leadership has no real comprehension of right and wrong separate from win at any cost politics. At this week’s Presidential news conference, the White House Press Corps did not ask a single question related to the contentious Obama Care; instead working as a chorus they created response openings for President Obama to excoriate the Republican opposition repeating the asinine mantra, “we will not negotiate”.
When our founding fathers established the notion of Democracy for our nation, there was a clear perception; democracy cannot work without the belief in a higher power and a clear perception of right and wrong. What we are witnessing today is not the unraveling of our constitution due to a lack of forethought on the part of our founding fathers; it is a denouement, a separation of us from God and a watering down of right and wrong. Vanity rules, ego has superseded a higher power and is the supreme motivation.
All of us have differing perceptions of right and wrong based on many aspects of belief systems we incorporate into our thought by experience , guidance, learning or intuitive introspection of self. None of us fall exactly into a pattern with clear agreement of right or wrong. But, as a civilization, we must have certain inalienable rights for Democracy to succeed. Three “equal” branches of power is still the law but not accepted by our current leadership.
Our leadership must be trustworthy and honest. We, as the controlled masses depend on our leaders to lead us in the direction of freedom, “the purpose of the constitution,” to lead us to the common good, to compel those not abiding by the rules of law to be removed from leading, to assist in our quest to be one with our God as we so choose and to be allowed to pursue without prejudice the tenants of our religious teachings. The Ten Commandments are fairly simple and should not be expelled from our lives simply because there are politicians in our midst who have decided not all of them are conducive to their agenda.
Today even the killing of the pre-born is acceptable. Based on cultural beliefs, in other nations there is acceptance of killing women, killing homosexuals, killing the crippled, killing the insane, killing the elderly, killing Jews just as the killing of Indians and blacks was acceptable in America up to very recent times. If you honestly believe abortion is not killing, you have missed a vital teaching about the gift of life bestowed only from God. If taking a life is acceptable, are you surprised that killing such a subjective concept as “our liberties” would be difficult to achieve by arrogant, ego driven, power centered leaders who have enticed us to trust them?
Shame on us for allowing ego centric politicians to render us helpless as a nation while they wage personal wars for political gain. Today Veterans are being relegated to the back of the national bus after having paid the fare for all of our rights.
We have not had a national budget in five years. Now this administration simply wants more money and will demand under penalty of a thousand horrors we give it to them. The irony is we will give in to their arrogance, power hungry rhetoric and the massive injustice, corruption and political greed we have become indoctrinated to. Our watch dog media sits on their lap content to be the house dog instead of our protectors. Our current leadership no longer negotiates with those it represents, it demands under penalty of deprivation. Veterans can no longer visit their monuments, oceans are being closed, lakes are being deprived of fishing boats, White House tours have been eliminated, priests can no longer say prayer on Federal lands, America is no longer the home of the brave, it is becoming the land of the milk duds. As a final thought, stand by for a fed up America coming to Washington very soon and veteran truckers could very well be leading the charge.