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America Matters

I recall the days when America was seen as a dessert for the heart. Freedom loving people from around the world would come to contribute, to build its wealth and partake of the fruits of their labors. Today, we have a curious new crop of immigrants many of which are malcontents, takers, individuals with sinister intent and those intent on just “ living high off the hog”, thanks to the American taxpayers. In a capitalistic society, there is nothing wrong with living a plush life. There is something wrong when the expectations are, “let someone else pay for it”. We have a substantial number of voters who see no irony in having their neighbors pay for their support, their abortions, their children’s welfare and even their free recreational drugs.
It is becoming a well populated notion to take from the wealthy. How many minds have been tempered in the walk between pulling ourselves up using our own bootstraps and today’s chants of let the rich pay for my well being? You have only to look at the Democrat party to find a consistent 41% who find everything acceptable by that notion. These are the same 41% who will vote straight down party line with no regard for the welfare of the nation. These are the same 41% who accept a weak nation, increased welfare benefits, abdication of space exploration, snuggling up to our sworn enemies, war against the police and taunt a split society of blacks vs whites. These 41% are the new version of America who have less ambition but the same comfort longings as those who serve our country, build industries, provide jobs, maintain law and order and provide support to us, not the enemy.
I daily hear people complain about their town, including mayors, city councilmen, state and national politicians, “America is not fair”. A number of these are trying to acclimate our once dessert to fit the customs of their own regressive minds. They bring on the separation of races, the separation of genders, the separation of wealth and target those who do well. We have a established party who is faithful to the principle that no one can genuinely serve ideas without demeaning or eradicating those which have proven successful. We have a party and leadership which finds invalidating the constitution as the quickest way to change America. This has become today’s reality. Our three branches of government have become an illusion. Welcoming our enemies through the front door are the edifying circles which now prevail in our political leadership. Our president today has brought in political poker players gambling away our nation, invalidated congress and has run constitutionally amok in search for his own greatness. There is after all a greatness in his mind which does not lend itself to evaluation. The search of a legacy is the greatest priority.
It is here under these circumstances we find ourselves traipsing through our list of political candidates who either want to change the status quo or reinforce it, double down on mediocrity. Those left who still recall the reason for American greatness continue to find reasons to grow, self-affirmations of taking back our nation and recalling the centuries of history and the beauty of the conceptual philosophy of “freedoms”. We find burning evidence of the thousands of past lives who shed their blood for us, our ability to be free, to continue to prosper and become one people, one nation, in the eyes of God. The military does its job, our civilian leadership is devoid of leadership.
The relentless bad taste our nation is left with after deals with despots, nations who despise us, leaders who want us dead reaches a point of not only bad taste but questionable compliance to the laws of our nation. We have a joke of a leadership which endlessly conjures up indifference, apathy towards American values and logical perspicacity. In simple layman terms, “are they nuts”? No, just polishing rags for their inflated personal egos, let the nation be damned!
We keep electing leaders, our representatives, who are detached from the constituents, deaf to the electorate and only responsive to their internal party politics. A single problem preoccupies them, “re-election”. From this stems their absolute mastery of attributing importance to their quest for power. The forthcoming elections will be your final chance to win back our nation.