“A Bump In The Road For Hillary Clinton”

It was fun watching the handwringing all week after a New York newspaper reported that Republican consultant Karl Rove allegedly commented that Hillary Clinton had much “splaining” to do about her 30 day medical episode in December/January of 2012-13. A “major brain trauma” were the words used as well as eye glasses people with major brain traumas use rose to the top of the discussion and outrage.
A personal attack is what many called the report. Poor Hillary was being attacked because she would be 69 years of age at election time, if she runs for President as well as, possibly, less than healthy.
Coming on the heels of a bad month in Hillary’s political life what with her Benghazi experience gathering into a possible political storm, her daughter’s mother-in-law looking to get creamed in a congressional race in Pennsylvania, Russia laughing at her bragged-about “reset” and chunks of sovereign countries being bitten off by the Russian Bear she thought she had pacified and thousands more people dying in Syria which she never mentions having occurred during her watch as Secretary of State.
All those diplomatic and political people she allegedly made nice with around the world as she polluted the atmosphere with her countless miles of jet air travel aren’t standing up to help a courageous President Barack Obama who draws red lines against poison gas warfare and stands idly by as people are gassed to death by Syria’s brazen “President” who laughs at the Obama red line.
Hillary supporters are busy locking up the Democratic nomination for President by raising money and opening offices around the country; they are stumped when asked exactly what she accomplished as Secretary of State and they dole out what amounts to Barnyard Sierra. She traveled more than any other Secretary of State, they say. So what?
Getting back to Karl Rove and his “personal attack” on Hillary Clinton, who says that Karl laid on a personal attack and is doing so to sabotage her nascent run for President?
Since when is the health of a presidential candidate not an issue? Since when is age not an issue? John McCain was viciously attacked about his age by Obama supporters; they even suggested his mental state wasn’t 100% because of his years as a Vietnamese prisoner of war.
Bill Clinton, Hillary’s husband, and his campaign in 1996 attacked Bob Dole 24/7 about his age as Bill ran around like a horned toad with a 21-year-old “intern.” Of course, he was forgiven for lying about that because it was just “sex.”
Then, of course, there is the fact that Hillary is a woman and she mustn’t be picked on or bullied politically because she is a woman. At least her whiny supporters say that.
Rove and fellow traveling thinkers that think Hillary might not even run are being charged with attempting to bully her out of running for President; If that is true, so what?
Is her health a legitimate issue? Yes. Is her age a legitimate issue when coupled with her health? Yes.
Rove brings up these facts: There was a thirty day span between reports Hillary had a virus, then fell and hit her head causing a concussion, then went to a hospital where they discovered a blood clot in her head between her skull and brain. Altogether 30 days were involved – while she was Secretary of State and scheduled to testify to Congress of the Benghazi episode that cost the lives of four Americans, including her personal choice for Ambassador to Libya.
With all the talk about concussions in sports and the damage they can do, one has to look at Hillary’s experience and wonder how much damage she did when she fell on the floor after feinting.
But more important, just what damage is being done to the American political process by Hillary’s supporters in attempting to short circuit the process by claiming she is being bullied by bully Rove and others. Her health and age shouldn’t be issues, they maintain.
Why not?
Those subjects were issues by Democrats against Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole and John McCain. Of course, these were Republican men and all is fair against them, isn’t it.
Of course, we must now add Bill Clinton to the mix. He was videotaped commenting that it took Hillary “6 months of hard work” to overcome the concussion incident. What???
Former President Clinton has reignited the issue of Hillary’s health with that statement. “6 months?”
In my best Spanglish, Hillary before you run for anything, you have some real “splaining” to do, much, mucho “splaining.”

Contreras formerly wrote for the New American News Service of the New York Times