2015 the Crossroad of Change

Expectations of living in a free, un-tumultuous society have vanished for the vast majority. The rhetoric presented to us by the glib, suave, politician who arrived to heal the nation, to join us together, to unite the fragmented masses and bring enlightenment has gone astray.
It all started with divisive messaging of rich against the poor, antagonizing blacks to rebel against white society, pitting the educated against the non educated, stigmatizing successful white collar workers to become victims of blue collar workers, provoking unions against non union, Christians against non Christian, encouraging the chastising of veterans, Democrats against Republicans, and yes, documented immigrants and citizens against undocumented immigrants. The accumulating provocateur list is endless. We have reached a point where elected leaders pit societal malcontents against those sworn to protect our citizens from the denizens of evil. The people against the cops.
Chants of “ what do we want, dead cops, when do we want it? Now!”, are an mistakable sign of so called leaders opening doors and encouraging revolution in our streets. The recent execution in broad day light of two police officers in New York and one in Florida were unequivocally provoked by taunts of the Mayor of New York, the Attorney General of the United States the likes of Rev. Al Sharptongue and the President of the United States himself. In a chilling rebuff of law and order, these pillars of society decided criminals need to be protected from those sworn to protect us. Piling on the anti-cop rhetoric at every opportunity, our nation is erupting into planned and orchestrated disruptions. Our president is psychosomatically involved in the turmoil while pretending he is not.
Courting the ignorant at whatever cost to our nation, has become a favorite political ploy to maintain maximum stress between all segments and divisions of our nation. Democrats have come out in full force intent on wiping away the sense of law and order in favor of the mythical hope and change. Many ask where have we gone wrong? Having elected an individual with a messianic complex, we set the stage for the pseudo second coming of Christ back in 2008.
The stress in the streets coupled with our Presidents inability to call terrorism terrorism have totally confused the resolve of our nation. The general populace lack of concern for the principles inherent in the founding of our nation leave little doubt Christianity the religion of choice two hundred thirty nine years ago will fare as well as the Constitution our president finds too cumbersome to adhere to. American arrogance has now been assigned to a singular individual who has taken on the mantle of being an “appologician” for American values across the world.
This sets the stage for 2015, a year leading up to a change in leadership at the top. Many Americans are intent on returning to our grass roots of world leadership. A select few of vocal resisters still insist America needs to be taught a lesson and diminished to the same level as third world countries. As a symbol of our diminished boldness we have offered our rear end. We have essentially turned our back on Israel to please Islamic nations, conceded with Iran to allow them enough time to develop a nuclear capacity while we feign negotiations, we have entered into negotiations with Cuba to relinquish control of Guantanamo Bay. We pretend to be concerned with the hacking being perpetrated on our inner structure by outlaw nations, we have dismissed the kidnapping and rape of thousands of young women by Muslim terrorists.
We have the weakest foreign policy in decades, we have abandoned NASA, we have foolishly declared victory and the end of hostile activities in Iraq and Afghanistan and have turned a blind eye to the Russian take over of allied nations. We have become a scandalized anxious nation in retreat convening congressional commissions seeking to discover where we went wrong. We are a 239 year old nation seeking embryonic research on rejuvenation of an evolving society drifting between freedom and monarchy. In 1867 there was a shift of mindset on how to turn psychology into a science, in today’s world of American society we are Immersing our selfs and attempting to discover how to save us from the pitfalls of a pseudo Socialism we have been plunged into by willy leaders some just ignorant and others too wise for their own good.