Zimmerman Verdict Freighted With Political Cargo

Everyone is talking about the Zimmerman-Martin verdict. From my perspective, it is split the same as any national election. Even your standard flag bearers are the same. You have the Obama administration, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Rangel and massive support of liberal entertainers and media on the side of the one child killed and your standard conservative, law enforcement supporters on the other. This is the false perception presented to the unthinking masses.
Being against the killing of children remains in the minds of civilized adults as a must to preserve not only one of the ten commandments for those who still believe in God but also as a certain crop of future voters for those who don’t.
To some extent, these are the little subtleties we are unconsciously being confronted with. We have an elite group of black congressional leaders, a black Attorney General and a black President of the United States telling us this killing means “our national perspective on race has not changed in the last fifty years”. Who elected these people obviously with no race considerations if not us? Why is mainstream media and liberal entertainers and politicians choosing to make this about race? Could it be another lasso to keep the 51% clustered as a mindless group?
A key factor in understanding this is simply as another ruse on the national psyche is the fact all of these antagonists are very much in favor of the 350,000 killings of children we had last year. Most of them legal with the assistance of the presidents vote “twice” while a Senator for “late term abortions”. But this is different they claim, this child was 17 years old. In other words, the killing of children is okay but AGE is the factor. Has logic escaped all of us? Why do certain ancient Chinese cultures consider a new born to be nine months old? Why do certain states consider it a double homicide if a pregnant woman is killed? Why does religion consider life to begin at conception? Perhaps it is because they are not as wise as our current day liberal politicians who get to bend the rules to their liking. We the constituents are at the whim of the 536 representatives who run our nation. We are the ones who have abdicated our power as voters, we are the ones at fault. I continually say, allow new borns to vote Democrat and abortion will end tomorrow!
No one wants to see the life of a seventeen year old end so tragically. No one with an ounce of respect for the laws of life. By the same token, no one should be in agreement to end a life as it is emerging from it’s mom’s belly because it is inconvenient to us as a society. Trayvon, this one soul, according to President Obama looked like Obama junior would look like. “ looks like my son would look like”. Of course this sent the media into a frenzy. My God, what have we done? Using basic math, logic and a smattering of algorithms, we can conclude 131,250 of those aborted last year would look like the son the president alluded to. When do they get the support they rightly deserve? If these politicians and activists cannot see this or will not acknowledge a truth then we must surmise there is another purpose for their outrage. Democrat Senate leader Harry Ried and his cohorts blocking a law against late term abortions calls these 350,000 killings “a fringe issue”! Try to understand the distortion of their logic.
Reams have, can and will be written on this decision by a jury of all women who heard the evidence presented and made their decision. There was other evidence withheld by the prosecutors against Zimmerman which was not favorable for Trayvon. This withholding of evidence is not legal and is indicative of a slanting towards a verdict a defined group wanted, not what the evidence pointed to. No one wins in a situation such as this. One life is gone and the other is forever ruined. No one who has a political stake in this is going to let go of this opportunity to paint the 49% as racist, No One! This includes our current government and all of the support agencies who support it. Yogi Berra once said;
” there is no difference between theory and practice but in practice there is”. The only thing crazy about this is that in politics today, it makes sense.
Al Vasquez-Opinion Journalist-www.thehispanicvoice.com