<!--:es-->Yes, Dead People 
Qualify for Health Care<!--:-->

Yes, Dead People Qualify for Health Care

Obama Care and the web site have been declared by all facets of the Democrat Party as an irreversible actuality; they have adamantly stuck together and declared there is no going back!
The fact is, 90% of attempters are not qualifying, 60% have been given erroneous cost numbers, 6% of enrollees are in prison and a “great number” according to subpoenaed White House memos are “dead people”. Thirty percent of those attempting to enroll have never been able to access the site. What percentage does that leave satisfied? Perhaps the state of Oregon has the answer. After spending millions in promoting the web site, Oregon had “ZERO” enrolled applicants as of this week. Over twelve states have less than a dozen enrollees. Official records released this week show 50,000 enrollees nationally while 4.2 million thus far have permanently lost their current insurance due to Obama Care. To improve the numbers, the White House has declared THEY will start releasing the numbers. Just like the unemployment numbers, 15% of Americans are out of work and the White House claims 7.2%.
What will happen when those given an erroneous cost get their bill? The cost will undoubtedly be more than quoted. I see a greater problem in assigning “dead people” a care provider. It is a known fact; “dead people” want their health care provider close to where they vote; a progressive party quirk and common practice of reaching into the other side.
Allegations of incompetence, distortion and outright lies about the new health care law are being officially denied with a softening happening of supporters running for re-election. Mainstream media, married to the party have not joined the critical debate yet.
James Carville once said “Drunks use a lamp post for support, not illumination”, party loyalists use Obama Care as a support element for votes, not as a viable source of health care. There is little evidence this entire fiasco will be anything more than the legislative bill used to keep the Democrats entrenched in the Senate and Obama re-elected to the White House. Evidence dating back to 2010 suggests the White House knew millions of taxpayers would be left in an untenable quandary with cancelled insurance and millions of young adults would be left to pay fines. “If you like your health care, you can keep it, if you like your doctor, you can keep him, period” has now been shown to be a well orchestrated party lie from the very beginning. Only Democrats voted for this bill and those running for re-election in 2014 MUST be held accountable. Representatives who have espoused unwavering support of the contrived, not read, poorly written health care bill based on party dependency, not on rational thought are rethinking their reelection predicament. They will all camouflage their position, dodge and weave to confuse where they stand. Republicans did not fall for the greatest national scam of the century.
In the Coachella Valley, rest assured our freshman congressional Democrat representative will be attempting to cover over his stripes. There is a complicity of shame between those who do wrong and those who accept the wrong.