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Wind Symphonies

As Americans we have allowed the rise of the president to go beyond national figurehead, we have endowed him with political celebrity and a mystical wisdom. A wisdom a consistent 47% of the population would swear on the unfashionable bible, is a gift from God. Obviously the 47% confuse mystical with mythical but, in today’s everything is allowed society, “what difference does it make”?
Minutes after the recent Oregon school shooting where ten students were shot and killed, the president breathlessly rushed to call a national press conference and quickly call for “gun control”. A liberal politically preferred term found to be far more acceptable than “invalidation” of the second amendment. The president did not mention the fact the killer asked the persons he shot, what their religious beliefs were. He then shot Christians in the head, non Christians, in the leg.
The real issue for media and the president to concentrate on is why they were killed with emphasize on Christians, not how they were killed. Being shot in the head versus a leg is certainly indicative a greater malice was reserved for Christians. Not a single Democrat could come up with any legislative solution that would have prevented the massacre, since all firearms used were purchased with background checks legally. The often camouflaged thought reverted to Hillary Clinton who quickly exposed the underlying plot by saying, “ I will take all those guns out of people’s hands”. Say good-bye second amendment. Australia and Britain had gun confiscation several years ago. There are now more guns in Australia than ever before. The difference is today, 90% of Australians law abiding citizens have become criminals in possession of outlawed firearms. A vital tool in the outback for survival.
Just as with illegal immigrants, pardon the political incorrectness, there are far too many firearms and illegals for minor laws to make a difference. While major gun law changes are prohibited by the constitution, they are also rebelled upon by our current culture. For the United States to invite gun confiscation as in Australia and Great Britain would also invite the breaking apart of our great American experiment. Tinkering with feel good laws nibbling around the edges provides nothing more than political fodder and an irritant to the law abiding masses. All the gun revocation diatribe is meant to stir up the masses to line up behind conniving political candidates who have this uncanny ability to spot the weak minded.
Step into the 21st century and understand today, it is possible to manufacture your own gun with a 3D-print processor. They are no longer cost prohibitive. There is no way to prevent private ownership of firearms. That ship has sailed and only the law abiding citizens would suffer by a dependence on government for protections.
Second amendment advocates must come to terms with the fact the United States has more gun deaths than any other country in the world. United States citizens have half of the world guns in their possession. Advocates of gun control must come to terms with the increasing, relentless and unaddressed gang violence. Gangs are more of a problem than the guns they use. In Chicago, 30 killed by firearms over a week-end is common. Conservatives understand guns are meant to kill and maim. As George Orwell insisted, “ A firearm in the hands of a good man does not cease to be a firearm; it just becomes a firearm used in a manner of which we approve”. For many there will never be a reason for approval. The complicated real question is who gets them in a free society? That is what is stumping our nation. Dishonest politicians ply for votes using fear tactics to strip constitutional rights. In advocating for gun control, politicians must lend truth instead of relentless political color. Wind symphonies with political motives.