White Flour Tortillas

White Flour Tortillas

It is all getting very confusing. Growing up, I was always confronted with the top of every government form which wanted me to place a check-mark if I was white or non white. It always forced me to check out my forearms and on some days I was whiter. My meandering choice was reflected on all my forms; including my Marine Corps induction papers. They definitely show I was subject to confusion. Whites were called crackers, I suppose with the advent of “white-Hispanic”, some Hispanics were flourtortillas.

I noticed the government also wants to know if you are a non-Hispanic white. What does that mean? George Zimmerman has flagged media attention to the fact there are white Hispanics in our midst, I guess bright Liberal politicians will make hay out of the added hyphens. Very soon now you will see major national polls, paid for by groups with impressive, very erudite mast heads that will inform all low knowledge voters that Non-white Hispanics, White-Hispanics, Hispanics, black Hispanics and undocumented Hispanics are setting all notions aside from their Catholic principles and will vote Democrat in the next election. Democrats are the ones who help the poor! Every Democrat Hispanic enclave in the United States is rampant with unemployment and poverty. Try to figure that out! Every Latino I knew in the barrios where I grew up was a Democrat, and they still are. Just as poor but more adamant than ever they are on the right track. Every Hispanic I grew up with in the barrios was a Catholic and theystill are. But, now they turn the Popes messages off and stick to their firm belief that abortion is helping minorities. Less minoritymouths to feed I guess is the political logic.

I was flabbergasted, I know it is difficult to believe Hispanics get flabbergasted but I was, over the fact liberal media is spending an inordinate amount of media space speculating on what the name will be of the future king born in England. Here is a child who was born into ungodly wealth but American liberals, who represent the poor, are terribly excited. The current choice for a name according to polls is “George”. Liberals should take a cue from their favorite pastime of supporting “it helps minorities”abortion, and understand that for 350,000 aborted children last year the name of choice was “baby John Doe”. Thematically, why not suggest his Royal Highness be named John Doe to give all those who were not given a choice for life a little representation.Latinos consciously are anti-abortion and need to rip off the political puppet strings and choose their own conscious conformingmusic to dance to.

Pew University released a twenty year study and found we do not have a stale economy, we have a churning economy. Income wise, of the poor, 57% went up and of the rich, 60% went down. This is neither bottom up or top down economics, it is bringing the top strata down to make the bottom strata look more at the top. Twenty percent of the poor went up to the next strata and became “almost poor”. Bear in mind statistically for this study, poor is $20,000 and below and “almost poor” is above $20,000. Rich is considered $80,000. If you have a dual income family the chances are very good you are RICH!

Welcome to the new American version of “moving up”. It is unbelievable how many voters fall for the current ruse on America moving forward morally and economically. Of blacks, 53% raised at the bottom strata stayed there, 56% of blacks raised in the Middle Class fell back into poverty level. No word about Hispanics, I expect there will be extra categories to account for all theadded hyphens. We have to understand the old adage, “People do not change, they only adapt”; sadly, that is happening all overAmerica today. We are not improving, we are adapting.

We now fully accept disgraced Democrat sex texter pornographer Anthony Weiner for Mayor of New York, makes sense, he hasn’t changed, just adapting a new title.

Al Vasquez-Opinion Journalist-www.thehispanicvoice.com