Where Have All The Children Gone??Republican Newt Gingrich is honest about immigration

Al Vasquez
Opinion Journalist

A few weeks ago, I was moved by the fact I saw so many young mothers deported back to Mexico living in cardboard boxes a hundred yards from the border checkpoint in Mexicali. Alone, afraid and penniless, they in fact are victims, abandoned in a sometimes lawless environment to be exploited, raped, enslaved or killed; From a U.S. agricultural working mom with dependent American born children to being alone in the streets of Mexico in one fell swoop.
We in America can blame these young mothers for having had the audacity to come here illegally in the first place. We wipe our hands clean, turn a blind eye and go on with our lives. We rationalize, speak tough and know in our hearts tossing them all back is the “right thing to do”.
Many of us never stop to think, many of these young women were brought here as children and never understood the consequence of their parents actions, much less have a clue as to how to correct it. Now, they are in a life or death situation caused by our lack of immigration policies. America does not have an immigration policy. It takes decades to legally immigrate and thousands of dollars. Yes, there are exceptions but not for the everyday citizen who decides to submit legal paperwork in his home nation and wait for the evolution. It is not going to happen without a multi year nightmare full of expenses, kick backs, intentional delays and 1 out of 100,000 odds per individual, not per family. I have personally witnessed delays of over 14 years.
“Such is life” is the common refrain but wait, the really bad part hasn’t been mentioned yet. For those who took immigration into their own hands, we have found through a combined analysis of juvenile court records, child protective services, judges and immigration attorneys, a conservative estimate of 46,000 mothers and fathers of U.S.-citizen children who have been “removed” from the United States in the first 6 months of 2011. We know the last 6 months of 2011, will be just as productive. There is a conservative certainty of 5,100 children placed in foster care and at least “15,000 more face long-term or permanent separation from their parents;” As cited in statistics compiled by Esther Cepeda, a columnist with the Washington Post who frequently writes about the immigration issue. I can attest to the validity as witnessed with my own eyes.
This administration has orchestrated a historic level of deportation and fraud on Latinos while Obama courts them touting his old and tired refrain about forthcoming immigration reform. While Democrats controlled both houses and the White House for two years, not one single bill on immigration reform was introduced. Democrats still control the Senate and the White House and have turned a blind eye to the problem while still contending it is a Republican roadblock that keeps them from acting. Did you notice Republicans could not block Obama Care and believe me, they tried. An immigration bill could have passed if Democrats had wanted one.
According to CHIRLA, “Coalition for Humane Immigration Rights of Los Angeles” make believe deportation gains are being touted.” Cut down to its’ essence, the only gain from Obama is a promise from ICE to be “nice” as they carry out apprehensions and deportations. Latino, White House envoys tout the civility with which young mothers are being legally separated from their children. After deportation their children are left alone often uncared for wondering, “What happened to my mother?” This is a very real everyday occurrence. Moms are immediately taken and housed for deportation processing an average of 370 miles from where they are caught. It becomes virtually impossible for those apprehended to communicate with relatives or friends. If in a mutually undocumented relationship, spouses cannot inquire for fear they too will be deported with no anchor left for the newly orphaned kids caused by American decree.
America is faced with creating thousands of new orphans as a consequence of political cowardice where neither party wants to really solve this dilemma.
With the exception of Newt Gingrich who threw a bombshell as this article was being written. Gingrich favors solving this problem before it manifests into the heart wrenching separation of millions of families. There is no need for a carte blanche path towards citizenship, the border must be secured and felons still need to go. Conservatives intent on saving unborn lives cannot possibly condone leaving children abandoned in America and young mothers who know no other homeland evicted to the streets of Mexico; A nation where the odds of a young woman surviving on the streets from one day to the next are no better than 50-50.
The Obama administration is lethargic, inept and totally incapable of addressing this very serious issue.
America is placing thousands of young mothers on the passageway to human slavery and death all due to a political game we have grown accustomed to. Latinos have to wake up to the fact they are being used by this administration and as a consequence Latinos must hold themselves responsible for allowing slick talking do nothing politicians to own the Latino vote in exchange for, “I will be nice when I deport your mother.” We have already deprived over 20,100 legal American born children of their most valued treasure, their mothers.
Democrat politicians have proven immigration is only a vote getting ploy. Republican conservatives and Latinos need to give Gingrich another look. It cannot be easy being the only guy out there speaking the truth. Gingrich has stated he favors “increased enforcement of border security, complete control of borders, registration of those already here, immediate deportation for those who fail to register and cut off federal funding to sanctuary cities. It must be so much more comfortable for your average politician to spout nonsense and believe 12 million people can be tossed out by the seat of their pants. America needs to understand, 4,800,000 are children.