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We need caring and supportive Family Homes

Family Health & Support Network, Inc. is a private non-profit Foster Family Agency located here in the Coachella Valley. We provide foster care services to Riverside and San Bernardino Counties for the placement and administrative oversight to children who have been removed from their families as victims of abuse and neglect. Our goal is to recruit, train and support individuals and couples to serve as certified foster parents for the children that are placed in our care.

Family Health is extremely passionate about our duty to provide enhanced foster care services. We believe that by providing our children with loving and nurturing homes, rich in support and predictability we will be able to help them develop into healthy and productive adults. Also, our staff and volunteers must be committed to ensure that our children in placement receive the support and access to services and resources that will ensure their success while residing in the foster care system and beyond.

The requirements for becoming a foster parent starts with a genuine passion for helping children. Second, foster parents need to have a unique understanding for the challenges children in foster care face and be willing to richly support them. Obviously, they must meet the criminal background and child abuse index checks required for safety. And, because of our commitment to ensure that our families are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to support our children, they must complete thirty (30) hours of pre-certification training. You do not have to own your own home, nor do you have to be married. And Family Health does not discriminate against, age, gender, sexual orientation, race or creed. We need individuals and couples who are willing to open their homes and their hearts.

Currently, the need for foster families homes here in the Coachella Valley is growing. It is important that when children are detained that they are given the opportunity to remain in their communities close to their families, school, church and other familiar and supportive environments. More and more children are being detained here and are in need of loving and supportive homes. If you have a genuine desire to support a child in foster care or if you would like to learn more about foster parenting, please give us a call. We will be happy to provide you with an orientation that will answer all of your questions and concerns. Contact us today at: 760/340.2442.