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We Have Slavery

Having read Noam Chomsky’s book, “ Power Systems”, it becomes evident we are witnessing a national transition towards mental slavery of the malleable masses. Mental slavery is not a recent advent. Bob Marley in song advocated “ Emancipate yourself from mental slavery”. Perhaps Bob Marley was delivering a message. When we, the residents of the nation want enough freedom so as to not be enslaved, new methodology for controlling the masses evolves from political provocateurs. New methods of enslaving creep up on the unsuspecting, imposing new forms of indoctrination and control. Today, themes of free health care, unlimited wages, voting rights without identification, unlimited malfeasance without police interference are all part of the mode for controlling the uneducated masses. Harnessing federal agencies to collaborate in the process enables constitutional indecency. Half of congress and half the nation are too dim witted to understand the transition taking place. A great portion of our nation and representatives have drunk the Kool-Aid.
The other half of the nation are old fashioned conservatives. Old fashioned conservatives valued traditional values. They had a clear concept of right and wrong, adherence to the constitution, support of our troops, the dividing line between freedom and national enslavement. They also expected elected representative to advocate for the principles of law and order and maintain the highest respect for the nation. Today, presidential waffling in favor of weakening our traditional values, decreasing our influence across the globe, cooperating with known terrorist nations, elimination of our space programs with no launch of a shuttle without assistance from Russia or Red China, all have become acceptable. Turning a blind eye towards nuclear proliferation of a terrorist nation intent on wiping Israel and us off the map is so unconscionable as to warrant investigating ourselves to delve into our mental sanity. Mental slavery has taken place and the only remaining course for traditional conservatives is to garner enough understanding among the masses to vote those advocating the United States remain complacent in a world of chaos out of office.
While we conservatives attempt to instill countering thinkers to see our point of view, those leaning to keep us mentally enslaved have already garnered assistance from the mainstream media and have launched a campaign to change the subject entirely. Any attempt to invalidate what we now know to be unworkable has been reduced to nothing more than racism. Advocating law and order predisposes you to be a racist. Advocating work for a living demonstrates your contrariness towards the poor. Advocating in support of life through the abstinence of killing a fetus labels you as anti-woman. As more and more is learned about sexual preference being programmed prior to birth, conservatives are becoming more realistic on opinion; this issue will ultimately be a non issue.
One of the greatest threats within our nation is the lawlessness which has ensued with the cheerleading of the Justice Department and cat calls from the Oval Office. Policing high crime areas now carries a greater threat from the “Justice” department than the law breakers themselves. Enforcement neglect by police is now instigated by our own Kool-Aid intoxicated leaders. A community leader by the name of Wright, no connection with the Reverend Wright on national television said America faces a greater threat and revolution from “Us-es”, not ISIS. As Americans, we are exhibiting signs of splintering, welcomed by our enemies and led by our own president.
The question is “what should we do?”. It does not take much thought. After the primaries in 2016 there will be two candidates, one will be decidedly more dangerous. We must reject any connection to the liberal representatives we have and proceed to a new conservative slate with a state of mind that will return us to the civilized concept of God and country. The alternative is a nation mentally enslaved.