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We Have Become Only Our Bodies

As individuals, we all have a variety of points of view on Obama Care. For personal reasons, we either like it, go along with it or simply chose not to opinionate. Few of us venture to think how extensive of an intrusion into our lives Obama Care will be. All of us instinctively know it will cost us all money and the “care” part is an illusion. A valid reason as to why we cannot place it into perspective is; we have never brought ourselves to consider the immensity of how this one government regulation will affect our lives, the totality of the intrusion. This is not unusual since none of us venture to understand who we are, what we spend our entire lives working for or even the unacknowledged purpose of our existence. I am certain to lose some of you once venturing into the purpose of our existence but believe me, once you accept how narrow our focus is and the emphasize of our daily chores, it is not that complicated.
The one certainty I arrived at after delving into Quantum Physics for a substantial phase in my life is a clear understanding as incarnate human beings, we do nothing else our entire lives except labor for the good and welfare of our “BODIES”.
There is nothing we physically do that does not have as a purpose to insure the physical tranquility of our physical being. We work, to obtain money to feed our body, we work to obtain money to clothe our body, we work to obtain money to provide a house for our body, we labor to provide money for furniture to sit, rest and lounge our body, we work to obtain money to purchase automobiles for our bodies to travel in, we work to purchase bicycles, skies, skates, running shoes to recreate our bodies, we labor to educate ourselves to educate the brain in our bodies to assist in our single minded quest. If we had no body and were truly spiritual beings, we would have no need for any of the laboring pleasures we treat ourselves with, we pleasure our bodies palette with foods our body craves like chocolates and all sensual pleasures are also for our body’s enjoyment.
What is the point to all this you might ask? Having placed the significance of our bodies into perspective, we now understand our entire being is controlled by who controls our body. We can now assess the massive intrusion of Obama Care. From the government regulation of mandatory adherence to Obama Care, the government is now in control of the very essence of our being. The government has intruded into the wave of self we never think about. Since everything we do is for our body and Obama Care is an addendum, an integral part of what we labor for day in and day out it becomes Just another must do to support our bodies.
The government knows exactly what it is doing and has weaved its’ way into our very being of needs. We can from this day forward go nowhere without providing a “body health fee” to government. It should not surprise us, in other centuries; religious factions did the same thing. We paid a fee to clergy to erase sin, ease our conscious, pay for forgiveness by a deity, salvation, etc. The deity today in this administration has become the government. Whether we like it or not, Obama Care is the new must do for our bodies. It should come as no surprise religious conservatives are being ignored, religious rights are being invalidated and religious doctrine is no longer relevant. As physical beings that have been led to ignore our spiritual connection and allowed government to invalidate our spiritual connection, we only have ourselves to blame. We lulled ourselves to accept man to dictate our truths. Now, government, not God is fulfilling your desires.