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We Create Our Own Truth

It is not time that is passing through, it is us. Time remains eternal, our life here on earth will end as we know it. As human beings, we are daily confronted with issues around us and we chose what to deem important enough to deserve reflection. Since we are multi- faceted individuals, we certainly have the capability of taking more than one theme to heart. For many years now I have often drawn comparisons between what we encounter in our daily lives with religion and politics. In ancient times, religion was the political structure in our lives. Joseph Campbell has stated that the human mindset consisting of male or female polarity creates a “mythogenic zone”. It is in this mythogenic zone where we create or destroy belief systems. “We oftentimes enslave ourselves with concepts true only within our own minds”.
It is interesting to note, politically, this is where we arrive at points of view in relationship to many of today’s pressing issues. Homosexuality, gay marriage, conservative values, abortion, belief in God, patriotism, religious preferences, militarism, democrat or republican identification, all of these come out as being right or wrong from our own mythogenic zone.
In today’s political happenings, perhaps more so than in other years, we are being deluded with half truths and falsities which taint our beliefs and understanding of right and wrong. There are several issues we have been given conflictive information on and our common sense faculties are sounding an alarm silent in many. Yet, troubling and causing our inability to side with truth or political party.
Just in the past couple of years, we have been confronted with our government sale of arms to drug dealers in Mexico. No one revealed the travesty until these arms began to appear next to dead bodies, including one of our own border enforcement officers. Our own Justice Department is white washing the so called investigation. Our common sense has sounded a bell but we by our lack of outrage have chosen to shrug our shoulders and say”oh well” and have let it go.
We found the IRS was used to block political support of 501c4 organizations of conservative groups. These charges have been denied stating equal scrutiny was applied to both conservative and liberal groups. The count is 276 conservative groups were or are being singled out for scrutiny and delay starting prior to the 2012 elections, in contrast, 6 liberal groups underwent the scrutiny and evaluation. Is a mathematician really needed to see a very lopsided attempt to keep conservative groups on the sidelines? Our common sense has sounded the bell but we continue in the “oh well” mode.
The killing of 4 Americans in Benghazi, including our ambassador and 2 Navy Seals have been attributed to an angry, disorganized mob who was protesting a u-tube video no one has ever seen in the United States but we are to believe in a desolate country where most do not even have electricity, the internet video caused the disorganized mob to kill our 4. Our Commander in Chief and our Secretary of State know very little if they really believe a disorganized mob could best two Navy Seals, armed and lighting up their targets with a laser. There are too many holes in their story especially when you know the Seals would not be lighting up their target with a laser unless there was to be something forthcoming. Who stopped the response to save the Seals and why? The Seals died from a direct mortar hit. An unruly, disorganized mob does not have this capability. Our common sense is being challenged but we remain in the “oh well” mode. See page A2

ObamaCare, our common sense tells us it is not working. The 3 million who have lost their insurance tell,us it is not working. The CBO numbers out this week tell us it will up our deficit by 1 trillion dollars, the millions who are being told their insurance costs will double tell us it is not working, the over 400,000 who have been relegated to 29 hour work weeks tell,us it is not working but we remain in the “oh well” mode.
Let me repeat, “ we oftentimes enslave ourselves with concepts true only in our own minds”. We as a civilized and advanced nation are for some not understood reason accepting theoretical governance, misinformation and outright deceit as our fate. Nothing can be done until we as a nation are willing to accept the truth, not the political spin we have become accustomed to. Once we begin to behave as Americans, even those recruited to deceive us will start spouting a conversion , more to do with re-election than sincerity.