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We Can All be Right

Flying over Guatemala between Petapa and Nueva Santa Rosa, I was taken by the desolate landscape doted by remnants of volcanos. The white, fluffy, cotton candy cloud shrouded horizon was reminiscent of descriptives you hear of the pearly gates and the entrance to heaven. It made me wonder am I really still on earth? It is a great time to dwell on mysteries of life and contemplate on finding your bliss. These are moments we seldom allow ourselves always with our nose immersed in the new technology. We never quite manage to rise above the mundane. Thousands of images flashed through my mind interrupted periodically by pilot activated chimes. I marveled at the fact most of us die never having found the magic of any given moment, we fall short of bringing color into our dreams. Not because we do not from time to time question the reason for our existence but simply because we find too many alternatives. Little do we realize that at the precise moment we become befuddled is when we enter the world of quantum physics. Quantum physics creates a framework for multi dimensional reality and multi dimensional possibilities. Any theoretical conclusion you may arrive at is right. As I peered out the window I realized I had fallen into the same trap we all do by defining ourselves as one thing never understanding we are all the possibilities of being and can change direction as often as we deem necessary. We are part of the quantum physics mystery, a mystery that is best understood by Eastern philosophy and has been available to us for centuries.
Our day to day life becomes a convention of 500 monkeys clanking cymbals and we seldom meditate on the real meaning or purpose of our being. In our human evolutionary society we adapted to the safe notion we must all be centrists. That is what is causing so much turmoil in our present day society. Any variation from a centrist point of view makes you an extremist either left wing or right wing and we are becoming more aggressive in defense of our point of view. Unfortunately, we often select role models for our society who are poor chisels for carving out any real understanding of the truth.
As Nietzsche said, “there are no moral phenomena at all, only moral interpretations of phenomena”. We bask in our own interpretations of what we believe is the truth and as we know through quantum physics we can all be right. We often cling to vehicles we believe will take us to the truth and ultimate happiness, religion, political parties, clubs, family, never quite understanding happiness is an individual journey. I was jarred back into reality as I casually read an excerpt which said; “if given the news the world would end in one hour, we would as a society still be divided with half heading for church and the other half to the nearest bedroom”. Now you know that in quantum physics both would the right choice. I recall what Richard Pryor said in an interview after a dramatic transformation, “the point of life is that there is no point to be made. Keep it simple”. Much as what Doc Holiday said to Wyatt Earp as he lay dying,” Wyatt, there is no perfect life, there is only life”. Perhaps we ourselves make life more complicated than it needs to be. I thought about my constant search for relevancy and understood relevancy is what we make of it.