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We are the Protectors of Tomorrows Freedoms

Bob Marley said, “Some people feel the rain, others just get wet”. I doubt Bob would believe his message is being used as a metaphor for politics today. By all indication half of the country is oblivious to what our government is doing despite the fact Obama has only a 37% approval rating. Thirty seven sounds dismal but it is tolerated because 17% have totally tuned out. You could say that leaves 46% who disapprove but out of these 46%, a relatively few 18% actively make their voices heard. Only 18% feel the rain, the others are just getting wet. I have just given you a summary of why unelected federal department heads are running our country without so much as a flinch when it comes to unlawful, unconstitutional behavior. IRS commissioner John Koskinan is a prime example. He is the person administratively responsible for former IRS head Lois Lerner, (who pleaded the fifth) and the IRS management of the 90,000 federal employees. He has also contributed over $100,000 dollars to the Democrat Party. Can you say Obama plant?
A close look at all Federal Department heads will reveal close ties not only to this administration but to the democrat party over many, many years. There is no non-partisanship in running our country with the most qualified. Only Obama plants in places of high authority willing to do what is only best for the party; country be damned. These tactics have been employed before but never in such massive, in your face, “you can’t do anything about it” arrogant, despicable attitude. Today there is only one party conscious of the constitution, this in itself is not only dangerous but leading us straight into a quasi dictatorship-monarchy capable of dismantling over 239 years of democracy. Losing our collective consciousness of inherent freedoms seems to be not only the path we have been placed on but very much the goal of this administration: All in the name of party success. What kind of a political party would invalidate over 200 years of a quest for our freedoms? With only 18% of our citizens currently paying attention of an administration engaged in shenanigans, America is in REAL trouble. It is evident all across the world. When America sneezes, the rest of the world used to wipe their nose. Change all this to the current administration maneuvering and implementation of our new brand of “foreign policy, “when the world sneezes, America catches pneumonia and gets outta town. Translated into a more cynical and current happening, when America turns its face, terrorists and dictators advance, claim territories and kill Christians. The irony is we know this is happening but our leaders are so impervious to the realities we have become complicit in a world of chaos. Negligence deadens desire and America no longer has any desire to champion for freedoms across the globe. Good or bad, that is what we have come to. As Nietzsche said about decisions which bring up our aspects of moral responsibilities and right and wrong,” there are no moral phenomena, only the moral interpretation of phenomena”. For many, freedom was our quest. Now, our own freedoms are in jeopardy.
Here in America, crimes against democracy go unnoticed by mainstream media, unchallenged despite the fact they are particularly insidious. Our freedoms are dependent on public officials including our president who at the moment seem to be surreptitiously engaged in denial of our constitutional rights. The damage and undermining to our nation being done as we speak is un-fathomable, not understood by the low information public and irreversible at the core without active participation by the informed masses. I keep reminding my readers, make the November election a mandate, hold accountable those elected representatives who have forgotten, they represent US from governmental overreach. Just as a burning log forgets it was once a tree, our Democrat representatives are forgetting we as a nation are meant to be free.