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“VP Joe Biden – Wicked Witch Destroyer?”

Hillary Clinton supports Planned Parenthood 100 percent. Planned Parenthood aborts babies that can survive and takes great care to kill them in a way to preserve their livers, their kidneys, their hearts, everything except their souls.
In supporting the organization, Hillary supports the Dr. Frankenstein-inspired pillaging of infant’s tissue for “research.”
And she wonders why she is liked less by White women than liked. We have yet to see how she ranks with non-White and Hispanic Catholic women, but someone will take that survey and I suspect that among those two ethnic groups, her popularity and support will be upside down to an alarming degree.
Without substantial support from women, especially Roman Catholic White and Hispanic women, how can Hillary expect to win when we already know that only 35 percent or so of White men will vote for her?
To experienced political operatives this plunge in her support from White women gives rise to predictions by many that old Joe Biden (the same age as me or in street lingo or patois, myself), to rise up one more time to attempt to snatch the golden ring right out of Hillary’s nose.
Long gone are charges of plagiarism that drove him out of one race for President. Long gone are his being wrong on every foreign relations and policy position he has taken for three decades. He has dutifully served his President Barack Obama
and, as a result can run on that alone. He would run to the left of Hillary and as Barack Obama’s Third Term. Biden would bring a tragic life to the campaign that would appeal to women what with losing his wife and child in a car accident and recently losing his son Beau to cancer.
Hillary would find it impossible to accuse Vice-President Biden of being part of the “vast right wing conspiracy” and of being anti-woman.
Hillary would find it impossible to attack Biden on much because that would be interpreted as attacks on her former boss, President Obama. By the same token, Biden fancies himself to be a foreign policy expert so his attacks on Hillary would have much traction.
All Biden would have to do is to resurrect charges that Hillary’s husband allowed hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of Africans to die without lifting a finger to save one; ditto for the slaughter of Muslims by Serbs in the Balkans while her husband was fooling around with a 21 old intern.
Then he could pick at the “reset” scab she publicly fashioned with Russian oligarch Vladimir Putin, AKA, the shirtless punk. He might label her many miles of Secretary of State travel as “Frequent Flyer” miles now being redeemed by her plutocrat Wall Street friends.
Biden could remind Catholics that he is a “Free Choice” Catholic but that the factory-like cutting and chopping of baby parts is more than just “Parts is Parts.”
Biden could publically ask over and over why Hillary thought she could run all her official State Department e-mail correspondence through her own private account while he, the Vice President of the United States used government e-mails, protected government e-mails. Her different answers would allow Old Joe to nail her overly large pants suits to a wall.
Old Joe might not win the nomination or if he did win the Presidency but the United States of America and its future history would look very kindly on the man who wiped out the Wicked Bruja of Chappaqua.
Bruja in the Spanish lingo means Witch.

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