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Voters Search for a Voice

“The foolish suppose every man is as every other man”. These words stated by Emerson are symbolic of today’s world turmoil. The ridiculous notion by foolish leaders in American politics places judgement on terrorist groups such as ISIS and makes judgement they all want what we want. The unspoken of exception is they want what we want AFTER they have destroyed Israel and America. Our leadership today glosses over contradictory interests, incompatible ideologies and diametrically opposed cultures. Elected leaders intend to test America, our way of life and worthiness as a nation by seeing how well it stands up to abuse, death squads, manipulation, blackmail and international political malfeasance. The only logical explanation is naïveté, a complete misunderstanding of the tenets of Islam or worst of all, complicity.
Replacing our existing leadership requires enormous effort by the American voting public . The entrenchment of politicians and exposure of a mainstream political party is not met without vigorous opposition. Today we have cultivated in America a mongrel soup which does not meet our political nourishment, needs as a nation nor does it pass the smell test for international security. As preparations are made to reverse the trend of the Obama past seven and a half years, we are confronted with a massive misrepresentation of the facts.
Democrats pledge onward and forward in full denial we are on the wrong path. The irony is the opposition party, establishment Republicans have become so ingrained and used to the status quo, Republican leaders are joining in the destruction of any alternative candidate. House leader Paul Ryan and Senate leader Mitch McConnell both Republicans have shed their coat of conservatism and are aggressively blocking the current Republican presidential front runner, Donald Trump. This only helps the Democrat candidate. This should make all of us wonder whose side are they on? My way or the hi-way is exactly what has led us to this juncture of ineffective leadership. Recalcitrant elected leaders assume the role of the all powerful wizard who cannot pitch, bat or catch. Sitting on the bench is where they belong and only the Republican voters can address their asinine public comments meant to help the opposition. If conservatives cannot see that in their leadership, ask one single question. “What policy, executive order or anti America direction have they blocked in the past seven years”? Combined, none! We have in the Republican congressional leadership two entrenched politicians who quibble about the status quo to the point it is almost credible. But, they lack the action enthusiasm, knowledge, willingness, skill or desire to block or pass any meaningful legislation not condoned by the opposition leader.
Those currently running for president on the Republican ticket have the unique skill of soliciting other people’s money, following a make believe agenda and serving many masters. The same goes for the Democrats! We as the constituents are the ones who suffer their underhanded connivance.
The entire establishment and media is lining up in opposition to Donald Trump who asks for nothing but your vote. As constituents we have been trained to be solicited and consider anyone who can stand on his own, swing his own bat and run his own bases as an anomaly. Someone who can cite accomplishments, wealth and love of country just does not fit the establishment model for a politician. As a nation, we have been lulled into believing the (R) or (D) in front of the name clarifies the political stance. It does not! There are plenty of (R’s) who belong in the (D) column and plenty of (D’s) like Bernie Sanders who have clearly established themselves as (SSocialists) and have no reservations about it. Some representatives dream of living out their days grazing in gourmet pastures collecting citizen funded pay checks for life and accolades while representing no one other than themselves. Fifteen percent of voters favor a candidate who tells it like it is. Eighty five percent reject explicit honesty. While they play with bubbles the nations welling anger is beginning to fester. “Make America great again”,Trumps campaign slogan is tethered to the emotions of our nation. Established sitting career politicians do not like this! Including those running against him. Election 2016 will be our last opportunity to confront our own sitting internal political terrorists.