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September Storm

La Prensa Hispana

Residents of the City of Coachella are becoming fed-up with high taxes. For too long, city government has relied on promises of reform, promises of change and promises of a better administration. The City of Coachella has within its’ city boundaries two casinos. Most cities would contribute a right arm just to have one. There are revenues coming into the city, the problem seems to be in how these funds are administered. When the flow of taxes slows down, the immediate impulse from the city is to cut services and raise taxes much like the current national administration. The public is not made out of money and we cannot demand more income from anybody, we have to earn it the hard way. Tax the rich, now we have become the rich! I told you so last year and no one took me serious.

Coachella voters need to send a resounding voice to any official who wants to raise taxes. A resounding NO will set in place a message that we want a better administration, a more responsible administration and an administration that does not believe the voters’ patience is endless and within our pockets is a money machine to be used to support all of governments’ whims. Vote NO on M.