Victims of Cotton Candy

In the Coachella Valley voters chose a closed feed back loop. Meaning, they bucked the national trend and decided to continue the “ObamaLogic” and decided to stay the course with Raul Ruiz who exemplifies the Obama agenda. It is disconcerting voters decided to vote for what a candidate appears to be rather than who he is. For seven months veterans attempted to have Ruiz join the efforts to release Sgt. Tahmooressi held captive by Mexico and finally released less than a week ago. Ruiz never responded instead choosing to profile himself with willing veterans who seemed “a la Kerry” more concerned about recouping lost medals than saving a captive.
Over 2000 years ago Euclid said “ things that are equal to the same thing are equal to each other.” Assuming such logic, we have re-elected Obama to represent our district. As we are learning now six years after the fact, voters are vulnerable to the mouth watering temptation of cotton candy. The appearance of volume, color and substance melt away to a nothingness which does not hold water, nor give substantive satisfaction.
I will refrain from delving into the issue of Ruiz “NEVER” having met with the only local bi-lingual newspapers in the Coachella Valley, very successful and founded 25 ago or the only Hispanic Chamber of Commerce-Coachella Valley operating since 2005. So much for his constant drum beat of a Latino concerned with Latinos. Nationally the awakening has arrived, in the Coachella Valley, an awakening is yet to come. In the meantime Ruiz will be a wasted seat, functioning as a minority within a minority. As a relative new comer to congress he will get no committee chairmanships, will have no clout within a Republican congress and will be battling against the wind attempting to save ObamaCare who he intentionally voted to keep taxpayers costs hidden until 2015. We are about to find out affordable health care is no such thing.
In the other races, predictability ruled the day. Eduardo Garcia who had been relegated by Assemblyman Perez to succeed him was in fact elected. Perez was elected to sit on the Council of the City of Coachella to utilize his six years experience in state office. The “Peter Principle” comes to mind where we all can only rise to our level of competency. Beyond that, you become dysfunctional.
Nationally, voters have decided to dance to what is played, with one exception, they are intent on changing the music, the magic of suspended belief is over! Theoretical governance, theoretical foreign policy and theoretical national economic theory may sound good at Harvard sitting in a classroom but in real American life, we all know wanting and obtaining are worlds apart which require substantive involvement, not delegation to those who have reached their level of incompetence.
It is comforting to believe our nation is returning to people centric rather than government centric but it is debatable. From what we eat to what we are made to think through mainstream media, motivation and intentions are being assigned to us through a veneer of democratic accountability.
There is a poem which meshes with the fork in the road we are on:
“Just as a burning log in the Forest forgets it was once a tree, we as a nation are forgetting we were once free”.
A more in depth analysis of the election will be forthcoming once all the numbers are confirmed. In the meantime we must remember politically speaking, “there is a deception to every rule.”