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Unintentional Comedy Replaces Foreign Policy

Regardless of what transpires in Syria, these past few days have been a frenzied imitation of”The Three Stooges go to War”. In our case, we are blessed with the fact we have four stooges yelling “follow me”! A brief glimpse gives us our fearless leader now stating “I did not set a red Line”. Secretary of State, John Kerry has stated a Syria strike would be “unbelievably small”; he has a smaller vision of WWIII than of his own sense of importance. Former Secretary of State Hillary, our next President who brazenly mocked congress with “what difference does it make?” in regards to Benghazi demands a strike against Syria because the Syrian President is not being honest with the world. Susan Rice, now one of our Foreign policy leaders who blatantly insisted a U-tube video caused the death of our Libyan Ambassador, wants a strike to punish a leader with too much audacity. None of our pretentious leaders actually want to use the word “terrorist”and will actually place their hands over their lips when they whisper it. They are all for assisting Al Qaeda oust the President of Syria with absolutely no idea what terrorist group will gain control. Are we to believe Al Qaeda/world terrorists will relinquish weapons of mass destruction once they have their hands on them? Apparently our current leaders naively believe 1000 tons of chemical/biological weapons scattered all across Syria can be readily secured without boots on the ground in a nation swarming with deadly conflict.
America is being held hostage by a leadership devoid of common sense who has now turned to the Russians to give us leadership and a contrived way out of our self made revolting predicament. With Syrian ally Russia taking the lead,we are being led to believe they will help confiscate all chemical and biological weapons from the massive Syrian arsenal. The Russians have one small caveat; America is to give up all threats and potential use of force against Syria. Yes, we have become their fiddle. Any day now they will make the same offer in regards to Iranian nuclear weapons and once again we will be safe ever after. The only missing element about this entire proposal are the opening lines we are all familiar with “once upon a time”.
At this juncture, we as a nation do not have the slightest clue to where anything is. We thought the weapons of mass destruction were in Iraq when we invaded but they were moved. We know Iraq had them because they used them against themselves. Our own leaderships ignorance about world terrorism is betraying us. Perhaps we as a nation will learn elections in fact have consequences. If a holocaust in the Middle East is unleashed as the bible predicts, understanding will be the booby prize. Yes, 400 dying gassed children foaming at the mouth in Syria is a horrible image but so is the reality of 350,000 living fetus’s in the United States being sucked out of their mothers in body pieces with a vacuum. Which scenario demands more attention? How far does our hypocrisy as a nation extend? Why does Obama condone, approve and support 350,000 and not the 400?
We as a nation can see but are reluctant to admit Obama’s humiliation is Epic.The Russians intercepted Secretary of State John Kerry’s offhand, remark to Syria, “surrender your chemical weapons” and like a unintentional verbal pass it was run back for a touchdown. The Russians have forced a halt to Obama’s ill conceived War on Syria, a figment of his imagination, over before it began. We do not do pin pricks, but we do “unbelievably small”.
This comedy of “The Four Stooges” is confused, chaotic, improvised foreign policy at best. It has created too many vulnerabilities and has placed our nation in a diminished, flaccid position against world terrorism. Einstein used the term “compounded difference”, in politics today we are witnessing “compounded ignorance”. We will start from where we are at when we get there incapsulates our Middle East foreign policy.