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Understanding is Not a Gift

Understanding the undercurrents and chicanery in politics is not a gift. In today’s political world where lawlessness and unconstitutional directives are being led by none other than our democrat leaders, understanding has become a punishment. Despite open encroachment and erosion of our constitutional rights, low information voters continue on the same path of electing and re-electing democrats. Last week, I was called predictable in my writings, always anti-democrat. The essence of my opinions are always geared towards the defense of our constitution, our bill of rights, our freedoms and love of God and country. Symbolism such as honoring the flag or respecting the service to the nation by our veterans goes without saying.
The question I would pose is “why would there be a perception of being anti-democrat for defending the very core of our national values”? Why?
Having been raised as a democrat in an extremely conservative epoch when God, our nation and family values were instilled in us from childhood; as a young adult I became aware the “Democrat Party” had meandered off course and was heading straight towards Socialism.
Realizing my family was led by a WWII Veteran and I myself was the product of the Marine Corps, I bailed out of supporting a party who no longer supported my beliefs. There are many still incapsulated in a fanciful belief the democrat party stands for God and Country. Their awakening has not yet arrived.
I apologize for the erroneous perception I am against democrats, in truth, I am in support of God and Country and the values I was instilled with and you as a reader must establish the niche you have assigned for yourself.
This November, the nation will be given the opportunity to awaken one more time. Voters will be able to attempt to cut through the web of deceit and decide if the made up unemployment numbers, the spiraling out of control foreign policy, the deadly threat of Ebola, the consistent lying about our health care coverage, the diminishing support of our military, the destruction of our space program, the massive borrowing from China to support our economy, the relentless war against Christianity in our own country, the stacking of the courts by political cronies, the making of every major decision affecting our nation being based on political party, the elimination of our Christian God from our schools, the continued denials of terrorism being based on Islamic Muslim beliefs, the encroachment of government on every single freedom we now posses, the continued war against Capitalism, the constant attempts to invalidate the Constitution, the complete disregard for congress and the rule of law by appointed government employees, the fear of reprisal by government of those who disagree with the leadership, . . . the list is endless. The question is, do we as a nation of voters still posses free will or have we succumbed to the dictates of a wizard hiding behind the curtain whose message reaches us through the once free but now part of the party machine, “mainstream media”?
We as a nation have been conditioned over the past six years by our leader to live life based on the “next election” as true Americans, we must return to what we have know has worked for our country for over 239 years; it is not about our next election, it is about our next generation!
Vote your conscience and you will certainly vote Republican.I was raised as a Democrat but when I saw the blinding light coming down the track, I got off the track. America, when your horse is dead, you get off!