Two New Local Businesses Join the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Salton Bay West Trading Company – and SOLD AS IS, where developed and are located in Salton City, California.

These businesses are veteran owned by Ana Velazquez. Velazquez served honorably in the Army for 20 years. She held positions as a Drill Instructor and First Sergeant. In her spare time she has participated in charity events and raised money for the needy. After retiring from the military she returned to the civilian sector working in her field of Information Technology field at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.

After moving to Imperial County she put her ideas into action by developing her websites. The main idea she had was to try to make her websites affordable for everyone to be able to use. While working on the websites she still found time to do some volunteer work for the community. She has worked with the Imperial County Library and the Salton City Chamber of Commerce.

The goals for the companies is to expand and hire local residents, as we all know the Coachella Valley, Salton City area and Imperial County are all growing.

Businesses Description

Sold As is “Just What It Says”. Individuals, Business and Realtors are welcomed to advertise with us! Advertising fees are very reasonable.

An individual can advertise new, used or old items. Buy and sell online and deal directly with the seller and buyer, there is no middle person. You have many choices on how to post your advertisement. Currently we have a limited time offer of FREE Advertising for items of $100 or less for private parties. This is subject to change at Sold As Is discretion. Start advertising from as little as Free to $3.99.

Businesses and Realtors post a business card or post an ad of 200 words or more for a very reasonable price. Start as low as $3.00.

Salton Bay West Trading Company sells over 3,000 items to include gifts, jewelry, watches, rings, home decor, clocks, lamps, lighting, wall decor, home furnishings, indoor planters, plaques, baskets, shelves, home decorating, indoor fountains, racks, cabinets, artificial flowers, boxes, garden accessories, sporting goods, toys, games, collectibles, kitchen, bath items, electronics, inspirational items online. We also sell items at wholesale prices but there is a $200.00 minimum order on purchases. Contact us if you are interested in wholesale prices.

Both these businesses are meant to be affordable for everyone. For both businesses we accept all major credit cards, cashier checks & Money Orders. PayPal is accepted also for Sold As Is. Payment must be provided first before service is rendered.