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To Be or Not to Be

Who would have thought William Shakespeare 200 years ago placed into prose the same question confronting Americas deadly dilemma. “To be or not to be, that is the question”.
As a nation we must quickly decide between being unkind to Muslim Jihadist terrorists or being dead. What are we to do as a nation when our “Commander in Chief”, responsible for our safety would rather carry out two of his major Democrat political goals?
1) Disarm the citizenry by invalidating the second amendment
2) Refuse to acknowledge the dangers of Islamist terrorism.
Consumed in political correctness, we refuse to chastise an unwilling leader. We also refuse to do what we must. The Quandary is in deciding what we must do? The White House is consumed with the thought they are just “bad guys”, hinting at the fact the San Bernardino assassins could be terrorists but not internationally connected. Disgruntled employees. Disgruntled enough to amass an arsenal including pipe bombs and a willingness to kill all Americans. Disgruntled enough to get into a deadly firefight with police, before rushing off to meet Allah. There is no hint of a Islamic conspiracy or international ties according to our Commander in Chief.
Few words are needed to honestly assess the future stakes of our nation. Until now we have been willing to meet our enemies on their own soil, sparring our nation total destruction. Our Democrat leadership has brought us to the brink of Armageddon. We are no longer safe in our own cities, in our own community centers or in our own backyards. Because of political correctness by an entire political party, we resort to thumb twiddling, a logical extension and a perfect pairing with “not to be”. Our current leadership has implicitly decided not to be decisive, not to be defensive and not directly confront a ruthless enemy. A elusive enemy masquerading as us, who hides in our midst wanting to destroy our civilization and die for their religious crusade.
Our president and his implicit behavior is no secret, he made clear who he was and his intention for our nation. The American voters elected him in a desperate effort to show we were open minded and non discriminatory of a half black man, brought up as a Muslim, educated as a Muslim with a Muslim father and a Muslim step father. On a Sunday morning, 07 Sept., 2008, Meet the Press, then Senator Obama running for president said of Islam “I do not want to be perceived as “taking sides”, there are a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression”. “ The National Anthem should be swapped for …….”I’d Like to Teach the
World to Sing, and redesign our flag to better offer our enemies hope and love”. “ It is my intention if elected, to disarm America to the level of acceptance to our Middle East Brethren”. The televised interview was entirely revealing and candid of who we chose to elect. The sound bites make clear of what his intentions have always been, “ I will use my power to bring change to this nation”. At one point he made the comment, “ we as a nation have placed upon the nations of Islam an unfair injustice”. The transcript was made available by the Washington Post. In his autobiography, “Dreams of My Father” he states “If it ever comes to Muslims against others, I will stand with the Muslims”.
We were not intentionally fooled, there was a honest portrayal of his intent and where he stood philosophically in relation to Islam. WE decided to take it lightly and give it a “so what?”. This reflects poorly on our aptitude in selecting American minded leaders. We follow the hordes, mainstream media, progressive mind sets and ignorant commentators who have us totally convinced they are God’s gift to clairvoyance. As a nation we are becoming Europe, flooded by Jihadist Muslims but remain irreversibly politically correct. In todays violent world, PC signifies “stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye”. Crude as it sounds, the nation has made a sharp turn left.
The Republican National Committee is sluggish in supporting a too caustic Trump, who speaks the truth.
We must acknowledge Obama has intentionally left the nations doors wide open and wrong dogs are coming home. With one goal, kill Americans!