Time Warner Cable Sues California DirecTV Dealer For Fraudulant And Deceptive Practices

STAMFORD, CT, Time Warner Cable of San Diego today filed a lawsuit against LA Activations, Inc., a reseller of DirecTV satellite television products and services. The complaint, which was filed in the United States District Court, Southern District of California, takes issue with LA Activations’ attempt to defraud the public by listing their 800 number under names confusingly similar to Time Warner Cable such as “Time Warne,” “Time Warned,” and “Time Warn Cabling and Satellite.”

Time Warner Cable’s lawsuit claims LA Activations registered fictitious business names that are confusingly similar to Time Warner Cable and then used those fake names in order to secure telephone listings in the 411 directory for their toll-free, 800 number.

Unsuspecting customers dialing 411 and asking for Time Warner Cable would receive the bogus 800 number directing them to the DirecTV reseller.

“Time Warner Cable operates in a very competitive marketplace and has achieved success based on the quality of our products and services,” said Sam Howe, Time Warner Cable Chief Marketing Officer. “However, when competitors use illegal means to fool consumers, we will not hesitate to pursue all available legal remedies in order to protect our right to compete fairly and to prevent consumer deception.”

Time Warner Cable’s complaint seeks a temporary restraining order and a permanent injunction against LA Activations to immediately prevent them from continuing to employ these fraudulent tactics. Additionally, the suit seeks treble damages and legal fees. The Company has also contacted DirecTV regarding this matter and anticipates their cooperation in ensuring other distributors of their service are not engaged in similar fraudulent activities.

About Time Warner Cable

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