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The Winds of Change

The advent of Donald Trump is allowing for a positive discourse of the unoccupied zone of American thought. Despite of appearance, America has not changed. What is changing is the articulation of what we have always believed; and, acknowledgement of where establishment politicians are determined to take us. There is in fact an entrenched, viable and powerful political party determined to shackle us with a socialistic government. A decade ago Socialist/Democrats would be as acceptable as rabies. Rabid socialistic thought was foreign, taking root in other parts of our hemisphere. Today it has arrived as mainstream America. The Robin Hood concept is not novel but today thanks to low information voters, free loaders, an increasing immigrant society with no stakes in our past and a constant dilution of American values, Socialists have “found an audience”. That audience is youth, the ignorant of our historical accomplishments, those failing to recognize the enemy and those longing to make a buck without spending a dime. This philosophy is being sold as the next great coming of America.
It is an extremely difficult enterprise to put intelligence and historical reasoning on stage. Or, to sketch a portrait of who we really are as a nation while drones coming from all sides attempt to dull our senses, drown opposition and quell our doubts with promises of “free stuff”. Reason would normally take the reins and convince anyone with a modicum of life experience, free is illusionary. Your “free” is someone else’s burden.
Socialism as presented today by Socialist/Democrats is difficult to define. It has become a spiritual adventure tricky to categorize as sociological entrapment. It is inspired not by logic but rather by veneration, a rebirth of recycled myth of having without the sweat and tears. Today we have socialist politicians who boast and promote the intriguing feelings of having and link multiple disenchanted groups, one with the other. With pseudo appeasement and false promises, the poor, blacks, Latinos, youth, misguided men and women, minority groups, anti religion, anti law advocates and the perennial dredges on society are being convinced America values have lost their worth and must be thrown out the window.
You can identify Socialist/Democrats by the life manual they refer to, filled with apologetics. Their tracing of our beginnings as a nation always finds the faults rather than the massive accomplishments. Accomplishments endowed with hope, honor, self fulfillment and love of God and country. The progress we have achieved for humanity and the leadership on the national stage are reduced by Socialist/Democrats to exploring the ditches on the sides of the road, rather than the super self advancement highways the nation has carved out for itself.
Socialist/Democrats do not see anything we stand for as necessary or sacred. Law and order, love of country, self defense, the constitution we were founded on, religious tenets imbedded in who we are, are described as rigid orthodoxy. A danger within our midst. Socialism prescribes a minimum in the belief of self and subscribes to a maximum guidance by government intellects. Political, asinine intellects who provide the clarity, truth, honesty and foresight of a goose egg. We as a nation elect these establishment politicians who lead us into the wilderness.
America is ready for a devoted effort to find at the very minimum a middle way. We are searching feverishly for the intersection of faith and reason. From a historical perspective we will one day look upon todays tumultuous leaderless period as the crossroads of good and evil. While every era has a peculiar mentality reflecting their historical period, we are becoming aware of the changing moral climate long before touted climate change has any significant impact on humanity. In biblical terms, (Ecc. IX, 5) “the dead know not anything, neither have they any more a reward”, Socialist/Democrat politicians are keyed into that concept and are guiding this nation onto a dead end road; One which will deaden our will and increase dependence on government handouts. Government handouts will quickly vanquish any rewards brought about by self sufficiency, the freedoms of self enterprise and the safe humanity we envision as a nation. “By the people and for the people” our freedom of choice must remain absolute. Be very careful who you vote for this election year, Socialist/Democracy is not the apple pie you have been promised