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The Willingness to Be Free

There are no more dreams of a great America. There is no more clamoring for a free nation where individuality, peace of mind, freedoms and the rights of the unborn are keys to our survival. To understand this world we as a nation have refused to witness and take serious the chaos in the Middle East. There is insistence the war against humanity, Christians, Jews and those not part of Islam is an aberration. Not really what you are witnessing; pay no attention to your lying eyes. The most disconcerting aspect of this philosophical mindset is the fact our very own leadership is leading the charge towards the dissolution of not only American values but worse yet, humanity as we know it. Ample reasons are given to attribute the Middle East warfare to the few erroneously claiming to be the chosen by Allah. While Paris is burning, the world continues to excuse and quietly lament the beheadings, the murderous tortures of the innocent and the unequivocal pronouncements of complete annihilation of civil society as we know it. Political correctness has overtaken common sense. False bravado, permissiveness, plus blind pretense is applauded. Those who yell fire are quickly chastised sent to their corner with mainstream media beating the drums of defeat in chorus, daring anyone to take their place.
To better serve mankind, we have yet to understand one must, if only briefly hold them at a distance. We cannot allow mainstream media to regurgitate the myopic views of a leadership who sees more value in changing the status quo than in remaining the force of world freedom we have been relegated to for the last two centuries. Universities are expanding on this ludicrous political correctness. There are now universities in existence where gender neutrality is demanded. No more male or female identity can be verbalized. Many will find this inconceivable. Gender neutrality has become the normal state of thought for many educational institutions. Little emphasize is paid to demanding a national awareness of murderous Islamic terrorists who are given a pass to avoid any perception of rancor. World nations cower, armies flee, world leaders concede and in many cases give them the arms, finances and the blink of the eye cowardly leaders find easy to come by.
As a nation, we have reached the long breathing space in which the mind gathers its strength and takes stock of the courage needed to confront such evils. For many anti-America activists with agendas to fulfill, with rancor to appease and scores to settle, this is their opportunity to see us, the “great satan” fail. This is their opportunity to dismantle law and order, to pretend racism is more prevalent now than in past centuries and turn a blind eye to the progress we have made as a nation. While world civilizations spent millenniums and never reached our humanity heights, we as a nation are chastised for not achieving perfection in 240 years. This clarity on its own highlights the fact historical ignorance will be our own downfall. When our own elected leaders begin to unravel our unique concept of freedoms and chose instead to embrace socialism which has been proven to fail anywhere it is attempted, you begin to understand the shear feebleness and fragility of human thought. While leaders today are elected based on positions achieved, little emphasize is ever placed on accomplishments. While leaders today are ranked based on education, little emphasize is placed on knowledge.
In today’s political circles, the key seems to be to blame the right wing establishment, pretend skin color determines your success, expect those who have to share their lunch with those not willing to expend their own sweat to earn it. Political rhetoric is full of murmurs from the past inequities and inherent inequality but a practiced ear can still detect the rustling of massive movements which set America on the path towards achieved freedoms.
This election year the well populated selection of candidates bodes well only if we as a nation truly desire to return to our senses. We must upend the misconceived spiral of self destruction  and be determined to “ Make America Great Again”! The solution is us and our willingness to be free.