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The Truth will Set You Free

A preponderance of Latinos identify themselves as Democrats and both parties are actively involved in courting this multi million voting block. Neither party understands the genesis of why they choose to be Democrats. Latinos do not predominately vote democrat because they are in agreement with Democrat values and ideals; what needs to be understood is, native born Latinos “inherit” their allegiance. They are born into Democrat, Catholic families and never bother to question values, religious preference or party affiliations assigned to them by parents. Switching from Democrat to Republican is as traumatic for Latinos as switching from being a Catholic to becoming a Baptist. Protestants are referred to as “alleluias” in reference to gospel music of Protestant services, a negative label.
Arriving Latino immigrants conform to established American Latino customs and wrongly assumes the Democrat Party is the warhorse for democracy, non-socialistic, free enterprise and against governmental control of individual freedoms. Few reach the point of questioning or analyzing evidence and noticing the far-reaching usurpation of freedoms being orchestrated by Democrat/Progressive politicians. Many having escaped from dictatorial, torturous nations find acceptance in the Democrats suave, soft sell, tongue in cheek socialism. Democrats cater and specialize in “the chicken in every pot” form of enticing votes. New immigrants easily capitulate and become part of their new American Latino brotherhood.
For Republicans, understanding where to begin political conversions, is further complicated by the fact “Latinos” is not a homogenous grouping. Twenty-two countries produce Latinos. The commonality of language, some staple foods and conservative values tie them together but they are as individual as Americans vs. British citizens. Just as you can identify a Britain from an American through semantics, accents or particular word preference, so can Latinos identify a Cuban, Puerto Rican or perhaps a Salvadoran from a Mexican. Additionally, political mindsets cover a wide spectrum. It is essential to understand the culture you are attempting to reach to entice a response. You cannot reach a Puerto Rican, Cuban, Mexican, Venezuelan, Argentinian, etc. in the same manner. Puerto Ricans for example do not give a hoot about immigration. Cubans have their own issues and have parents who are clearly anti-Democrat for historical reasons relative to the Cuban Bay of Pigs invasion, when a Democrat president, Kennedy, backed away from promised air cover when thousands of exiled Cubans, stormed the Cuban beach and attempted to take back their island strengthened by the president’s promise. Thousands of Cubans were killed, captured and imprisoned by Fidel Castro due to the broken promise. Older Cubans living in America, mostly Florida will never forget and hold Democrats responsible for the slaughter. Enough time has passed to where the new generation of Cubans cannot relate. Every country defined, as Latino is distinct as so are their immigrants.
Democrats hold on to the Latino base through inbred connivance, false promises pointing fingers and keeping volatile issues important to the majority of Latinos unresolved. Republicans whose family and conservative values are more compatible with Latinos fail to make inroads due to negligence in formulating a clear understanding of who they are and what they stand for.
Many Republicans themselves do not clearly understand what they have accomplished and how their accomplishments have changed for the good the world we live in. Especially minorities. An entire article is needed for adequate conclusion but in short summary;
A Republican freed the slaves. Another created the Environmental Protection Agency, global cooling was then the threat, put Title IX into affect giving women the same rights as men in sports, gave 18 year olds the right to vote, created the Department on Aging, ended the Vietnam War exacerbated by John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnston. The last amnesty was by Ronald Reagan. These represent only a very few banners signed into law by a Republican falsely added onto Democrat political resumes.
Republicans are historically credited with founding the NAACP on Feb. 12, 1929, Lincoln’s birthday, in Springfield, Illinois, where Lincoln was laid to rest. The first Executive Director of the NAACP was a white conservative. Blacks today, predominantly Democrat are in denial of who gave them their freedoms, forget the staunchest opposition to the 60’s civil rights legislation were in mass, Democrat politicians including the Gore’s.
Republicans need to remind themselves of who they are. He who controls the present controls the past and for now, Democrats have succeeded in totally manipulating the truth of the past to assume control over Latino votes in the present. Explicit truth is not a given, it is only lent from one generation to the other.