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The State of the Onion

Istarted writing this article before the Presidents prime time speech. Most main stream media journalists will wait, hear it and become spell bound, in ecstasy. Having been privy to many of Obama’s prime time speeches, beforehand I can tell you, it will be a nationally televised speech giving substance to the unsubstantiated. Fawning Senators and Congresspersons will be ingesting every syllable in the acculturated liberal Pavlovian response with “ I am listening to Justin Bieber exaltation”. He will speak about a moral injustice, for the record his vision of an on the dole America. Which means more government control. He necessarily will take a swing at the business wage structure as if they are responsible for the weak economy he creates through policy. Having never run a business, he has no concept of spending a nickel to make a dime, otherwise it is not a business, it becomes a bankruptcy waiting to happen. Five years later he will act as if he is outside the mainframe of the policies he implements with one party support. Policies which simply do not work.Obama will mock congress for not being able to reign in his power.He sidesteps the legislative branch and unequivocally promises to have it his way, period.
From this point forward, I write having already heard the State of the Union address and find no need to change the first paragraph.
As our President navigates through turbulent waters, he has convinced us that writing “good fishing spot” on the side of our economic boat is a brilliant idea. Most Americans do not buy that any more than they believe Obama Care will be our salvation. Many years ago I read a simple line which states, “never trust a man who stands to benefit from a lie”.
It was baffling to watch our Democrat Congressional representatives stand, jumping to their feet and applaud when Obama invalidated all of them. Obama said he would go around Congress and act on his own with Executive Orders. It places in question who are our representatives? Who exactly do they portend to represent? Why would anyone cheer their own invalidation? A question which should arouse enough suspicion to boot out the incompetent bunch who have no clue of the intent of the Constitution and the three independent branches of government, Legislature, White House and the Supreme Court. Our government was structured this way for a reason, to avoid a dictatorship and total government control.As representatives they apparently do not know why they are there and who they represent.
Fact checkers quickly found Obama’s health Care numbers were not correct his 9 million health care enrollees include the yearly enrollees to Medicare which would have been there with or without Obama Care. The speech essentially carried all the necessary perennial promises including immigration reform which he promised to carry out his first year in office. Now in his sixth year Latinos are still holding their breath. Hopefully Latinos can remember the first two years Obama did not need a single Republican vote to make it happen. Latinos have become used to living on promises. “I will gladly pay you Thursday for a hamburger today”. At this point, the carrot is still out there as the 2014 election nears. Coincidence? Come on Latinos, you’re smarter than that. He vowed to move forward in support of Iran, a move which should make Israel and every American quiver in disbelief over his naïveté.
The speech was ho-hum and un-inspirational. Five years now we have been watching this administration promise us renewals, change and prosperity as each layer of onion is peeled off, all we have is more onion.