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The Retreat of Conservative Thought

The recent uproar caused by Rachel Dolezal’s resignation from the leadership of the Seattle, Washington, NAACP because she was not really black is exemplary of how naive and befuddled America has become. As Americans we have fallen victims to historical narratives which are not only false, they are affecting the logic of otherwise intelligent people. Now would have been a perfect time to clarify historical facts, undo the falsehoods assigned to conservatives and place race and today’s race baiting by so called progressives under the spotlight. Not one report on this entire issue has mentioned a white conservative by the name of Moorfield Storey, not one reporter has mentioned a white woman by the name of Mary White Ovington or Oswald Walling or Dr. Henry Mascowitz. They were all white conservatives who along with 53 other whites and 7 African Americans came together on February 12th, 1909 to found the NAACP. For those of you a little foggy on historical recollections, February 12th is Lincoln’s birthday. And; for those recalcitrant liberals who insist the date was coincidental, let me mention the fact the founding of the NAACP was announced in Springfield, Illinois where Lincoln is buried. You can refuse to acknowledge Republicans led the charge for the NAACP and believe Democrats and the liberal party have always been in the lead for Black or minority inclusion into our society; but, keep in mind it was a Democrat who assassinated Lincoln because he freed the slaves and it was Democrats who stonewalled civil rights legislation for years until 1964 when Republicans were able to dominate the vote.
It is not with glee and satisfaction I point this out, only with a sense of concern we are losing sight of reality and as a nation have totally succumbed to talking points and propaganda organized by the left. We no longer think for ourselves or delve into the facts. We are vulnerable to easy interpretations, corrupted explanations of the truth and have become accustomed to being channeled into splinter groups which identify us as voters and set us up for the connivance of political predators. Liberal politicians more so than others exploit blackness, exploit Latinos, exploit the poor, exploit feminine sentiments, exploit youth, exploit governmental handouts, exploit immigration and they will exploit your American sentiments to the point we are beginning to doubt ourselves and our capabilities. Our national leaders apologize for our past successes and intentionally pave the way for rogue nations to get an edge, to barge into the head of the line. Human rights, nuclear proliferation have no value when your principle objective is to demean and reduce America to 3rd world levels. Where is the logic in allowing Iran to acquire a nuclear bomb when they have adamantly voiced the fact their intent is to wipe us and Israel off the map. Where is the logic?
This entire fiasco with Rachel Dolezal’s resignation because she is not a real black woman is begging for us to revisit sanity and understand the very first National Executive Director of the NAACP, Moorfield Storey, was white. Why is it forbidden in today’s world for her to be white in a position of leadership for the NAACP? The stated objection is “she pretended to be black to gain acceptance”. In reality, according to her mother, she felt black since a child, she related to black culture, she wanted to look black, she married into a black family. Those who believe or studied past lives theory will quickly recognize the fact she was probably a black individual prior to rebirth and very similar to sexual orientation, her previous life imprinting was not totally erased with her rebirth.
As conservative minded individuals, we must remember, when we retreat, someone else writes the rules. We have historically retreated. It is our fault rules have been rewritten in someone else’s favor.