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The Mush of Deceit-State of the Union

When met with objection, Obama states, “that’s not who we are”. True, we no longer represent the beacon of freedom we were. We no longer utilize the mightiest armed forces in the world in strength and capabilities, nor are we a safe country, safe from anti social religious, bigoted morons. We have become patsies to a political party too engulfed in self to consider as a priority the welfare and safety of our nation. We have become “yes” men to sycophant politicians who believe turning the other cheek is actually a defensive strategy. We have lost sight of freedoms replaced with hyperbole and outright lies. Our leadership has placed us on the slippery slope towards socialism, Muslim extremism, anti God sentiments, anti Christian sentiments, world wide divisiveness, dependence on social welfare and worst of all we have been robbed of the inherent sense of self. A sense which comes coupled with and essential in recalling who we were. Tyrants openly challenge us as a nation on land and sea, and whimpering has been the only solution from this administration. Obama never mentioned the capture of 10 American sailors at sea by Iran.
Even Democrats acknowledge about our president, “ we miss the person we thought he was”. The tragedy for America is not that it is being destroyed by our leadership, it is we as the keepers of the force for freedom are allowing it. Rebuttals to the belief we are losing America are being orchestrated with well planted series of lies. Lies totally disconnected from reality which are acceptable and are given ample food for thought by mainstream media. Even in State of the Union addresses.
Many veterans and Americans who fought the good fight have become aware “ Sometimes you do not know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory”. For millions of citizens, honoring the flag as a symbol of what we stand for as a nation, honoring our Judeo-Christian values and honoring our commitments to a freedom loving society is who we are. The collapse of our will to be free from governmental tyrants is inexplicable. How did we arrive here after 240 years of constitutional law? We have a constitution on the verge of being invalidated by our own elected leaders. Our elected congressional leaders are numb with reelection fears and we have a Supreme Court dominated by the very same forces taking away our freedoms.
We are trending towards being an elected government run by political party socialists. We seem to be attempting to go in the direction of many other countries in our own hemisphere. Low information nations, currently semi stable countries; since 1812 have rewritten their constitution 19 times. Constitution de jour. In America, we have a leadership who wants to rewrite, rephrase, reposition authority and unequivocally reauthorize the powers in the executive branch to be total and supreme. Is this not tyranny? Legal tyranny when authorized through new constitutions or executive orders.
The State of the Union speech was a chorus of wishful thinking, a summary of pseudo accomplishments; However, cow towed to Muslim dictators, succumbed to Islamic religious bigots, whimpered away from unity in our own land and relishing the thought of putting law enforcement in cuffs for the actions of a few, is not what we as a nation describe as ideals to brag about. Placing a major spin on rhetoric has worked fine for seven years. Party politics “a la Obama/Pelosi/Reid” has given us a socialistic agenda. Glossy renditions of varnished truth confirms the belief of many, our leader has his feet firmly planted in the mush of deceit. We are a country at war with enemies and self and wars are not won by spiffy talk, they are won by resolution and intestinal fortitude.