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THE LATINO PERSPECTIVE VP Bite’m sticks it to his friend John McCain

The Democrats and Obama are now off and running with their Vice Presidential pick. I write this article on the eve of the historical acceptance speech to be given by a brilliant speaker Barack Obama. No one doubts at this point that it will be a good show with ornate columns in the background and star studded flash suitable for prime time. Exactly what America wants, or is this naïve judgement?

Obama by all indications will receive the anticipated poll bump as millions of young viewers stand in awe at his eloquence and string of promises destined to make this country great.

For the millions of veterans who have served this country to preserve its’ ideals, they may think our country is already great. For the millions of immigrants who have escaped here for freedom, they may think this country is already great. For the millions who write for a living and do not have to fear the Gestapo beating down the door, we may think this country is already great.

The problem with Obama and his wife is that they have only recently discovered the greatness of the United States and it took them both an education at Harvard, Princeton, election to the Illinois state senate, the US Senate and nomination to the presidency to discover that.

Most of us Latinos know how great America is before we even scale the fence and many of us it is assumed, with a third grade education. That is the BIG difference between Latinos and Obama. For those of us Latinos born in the US, we never seem to forget the greatness of this country. This is a leading consequence of why the Latino population is over represented in the armed forces and has the highest Medal of Honor awards by percentage of the population. When the United States starts to get kicked around, we quiver and start forming lines at recruitment centers instead of joining forces with those slamming America. That is one reason we puzzle at all the focus on us by National Security.

Obama’s nomination will go down in history as a historical moment, the first half-black man to be nominated to the presidency after Bill Clinton who holds the title of being the first white black man to hold the office. Ludicrous nonsense! Since we seem to all have evolved from the black roots of Africa, even George Washington was part black, God knows a good portion of his children certainly were as were Thomas Jefferson’s’.

Obama will now traverse the country with his newest VP side kick after he gave the boot to his life long mentor and counselor the Reverend Wright but Obama still keeps a soft place in his heart for his terrorist friend Bill Ayers. Ayers, bombed a few Federal buildings but has somehow become a leading educational dignitary in Illinois.

Let’s be honest here, if Ayers was either Black or especially Latino, he would still be rotting in jail and probably be unrecognizable with tattoo’s from head to toe to cover the beatings. He would not be on any national boards, he would not be a friend of Obama and he would probably have been lynched after September 11th. Instead, Ayers commented in favor of the terrorists and he gets a pass! And, Obama is his friend. Imagine that!

Joe Biden, having been selected for the VP slot is a doozy. He is by his own acknowledgement, one of John McCain’s best friends. He has publicly stated he would have been honored to run with McCain. Biden has been a Senator and fixture in Washington for 36 years, he supposedly will represent change. Huh?? He is part of the log jam that cannot even deal with the current national problems plaguing America because as part of the Reed-Pelosi faction, they chose to take an extended vacation instead.

The real bothersome characteristic about Biden is his self proclaimed love for McCain while he ferociously attacks McCain’s lack of judgment, character, ideas and life’s direction. Biden is no friend and the question you must ask yourself is, if you cannot trust having Bite’m as a friend, why on earth would you want him as your Vice President; Second in line for the presidency followed by Nancy Pelosi? Think of that for a moment.

The countries leadership in the nations order of rank if Obama is elected would be #1 Obama who’s major accomplishment so far is a “community organizer” in Chicago with questionable references, #2 Biden, a Senator of 36 years who you could not trust to cover your back as a friend and then #3 Nancy Pelosi who would rather get her hair done than deal with America’s problems. This threesome would not even be credible in a dime store novel and we are seriously contemplating to trust them with the leadership of our country for the next four years?

I have no doubt Obama will give a memorable speech after I write this article, his poll numbers will rise and the Democrats will leave Denver ready for the conquest of the American voters.

For Latinos, you should consider the fact Obama was too busy to speak to the Hispanic Democrat convention delegate caucus, instead he sent his wife and having read every line of her five minute speech, there is absolutely nothing there that would give credence to the fact they would be sensitive to Latino problems. None what so ever! It was a generic speech probably written by someone else!.

Latinos should seriously consider John McCain, he has the heart of a warrior which we all understand, he has the understanding of someone who has had real struggles in his life, the dedication for our nation, a history of experience, trust, leadership and the fortitude to do what is right instead of convenient at the time.