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The Illusion of Leadership

If you keep lying to the voters, they will seriously question whether anything you say is not another self serving lie.
Our Congressman Raul Ruiz proclaims to be vested in the Latino community he was raised in. To this date he has not visited the ONLY bilingual newspapers directed to the Latino community of the Coachella and Imperial Valley. Never in their 25 years of service to the community! To this date he has never visited or inquired about the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Coachella Valley, since its founding May, 20, 2005. Congresswoman Mary Bono was a founding member and participant along with Roy Wilson and many community leaders. Yet, Raul Ruiz claimed she was never present in the Latino community. People actually believed him.
Congressman Raul Ruiz has started his advertising campaign using veterans to express his undying love for them. After three “Open Letters” in the newspaper asking Congressman Ruiz to take a stand for a veteran in having Sgt. Tahmooressi released from the Mexican prison where he has been captive for the past 5 1/2 months, Ruiz has ignored our requests, silence exudes from his office. No reason given as to why, just simply not interested. Prisoners in a Mexican prison cannot vote so why worry. What is disconcerting is the fact a few veterans have turned their face on their brotherhood and have chosen politics instead of bringing one of their own home. Our Secretary of State John Kerry did it, so it should not surprise us.
Congressman Ruiz skipped out of town for the immigration reform vote temporarily addressing the border security issue going on today. He claimed to have a “personal problem” and left the very same day as the vote in congress, along with several other Democrats. Ruiz waited a month to declare he would have voted against the measure. I am certain Nancy Pelosi gave him his reason why since Ruiz does not seem capable to address Coachella Valley issues on his own.
To date, Congressman Ruiz has been a terrible disappointment and he continues to support the Obama Care Health Bill including the abortion mandates despite the fact he is a Medical Doctor and is sworn to save lives, not to take them. But like all Democrat Catholics, they follow the party, not the dictates of their religion.
Congressman Ruiz uses every opportunity for photo ops and invests little time in actually investigating any issue. He spread the word he was in favor of bringing Tesla Motors to the Salton Sea knowing full well Tesla would settle in Nevada and feast on Senator Harry Reid’s’ gravy train and the Billion Dollars in tax breaks the state of Nevada offered.
Because Ruiz is an incumbent, he has ample money from the party to counter any candidate through ridiculous maneuvering, equivocation in advertising and dishonesty. Dishonest because he does not tell his constituents he votes as Nancy Pelosi tells him to vote. He is a good follower of the party line, not his constituents.
Congressman Ruiz is playing politics with the October 3rd debate with Republican challenger Brian Nestande. It is a Jewish holiday, Yom Kipper. Ruiz initially proposed the date and Nestande agreed. Now, Ruiz wants to move the date of the debate until AFTER the vote by mail ballots begin using the Jewish holiday as a pretext. The Ruiz campaign is using the Jewish holiday as a sensitivity issue despite the fact he was the one who proposed the date. The debate has been rescheduled to October 5th.
We are finding out with Obama he is not the leader we led ourselves to believe he was. Now we are finding out the freshman Congressman we have representing our district is far from being a leader. Who does he represent? The 36th Congressional District deserves a true representative and on November 4th, we can change that.