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The “I” Leadership is Taking Its Toll

For five years now we have had an “I” leadership. Now we see the results. The United States of America has been willing to accept an ego centered leadership which basically devaluates and disregards the constitution. Forty nine percent of the nation does not like the Obama approach to governance but 51% are enthralled. This same “I” attitude was pursued towards the rest of the world and based on the results to bring together a coalition against Syria, we can readily see the “I” leadership has been soundly rejected. Bush put together a coalition of 42 nations when he went to war against Iraq. While we are still haunted with progressive taunts of where were the weapons of mass destruction, little effort was placed on finding out what the thousands of trips of 18 wheelers leaving Iraq before the war were taking out of Iraq. Defectors in the know have even written a book detailing thousands of tons of chemical weapons surreptitiously moved to Muslim nations, primarily Syria.
Now, the president has thrown the Syria war ball into the court of his nemesis the Republicans with inane chest pounding and the rhetoric “As Commander in Chief, I want to move forward against Syria, I have the authority but I will let Congress decide”. Suddenly, we are to believe our knight in shinny armor has adopted a “We” leadership.
With only France standing by his side, the president needs allies and he has gone to the hawk side of the congressional aisle to get it. In this manner, Obama hopes to get his “I” desires fulfilled while if anything goes wrong, he can point the finger and ” blame it on the Republican dominated House of Representatives, they gave the order.” Looking good politics at its worst.
Americans are getting wise and surveys show they are not convinced an “ego” strike would amount to anything more than a lift of the pants to flash a frail backbone. While Obama and his cohorts keep stating this will be a limited strike, what is limited about declaring war? If a dozen missiles were sent flying against Washington D.C. by any nation. Would that not constitute a declaration of war?
The United States has been placed into a position by arrogant pretense to where not responding would totally destroy our credibility. Destroying our credibility in the Middle East would endanger Israel, the United States presence and it will endanger any ally who counts on our strength to deflect Muslim aggressors.
As a nation we are left with limited options to not allow ourselves to be bullied. Congress needs to understand what Obama does not; “we” must function as a nation and not as an “I”. Seventy percent of our citizenry have strong qualms about warring with Syria. The majority of congress is inclined towards a response. Boehner has indicated he will push for a strike as well as minority leader Pelosi who has just stated, “The Syrian leaders are “outside the circle of civilized human behavior”. She sums up by alluding to a ‘little war”. She supports Obama unequivocally. Knowledgable leaders will think hard and fast about a token strike aimed at meaningless targets just to save face for our president.
The total lack of any Middle East policy has led us to this negligent predicament. Israel our lone ally in the Middle East has been placed in a much more precarious position.
We as a nation are reaping what we sow. While we condemn the killing of 400 children in Syria with the use of gas, we seem to be okay with killing 350,000 infants through abortion. In

the United States we humanly use a vacuum, to suck out the fetus instead of gas making it all legal and acceptable. The false pretense of being agonized by the thought of the killing of 400 children should be a clear example of the hypocrisy that plagues our nation. Obama voted twice for “late term” abortion including the acceptance of a doctor to euthanize an aborted child who was born alive. We establish standards of justice for other nations, let us apply them at home. Contrary to our common belief, if we argue the slaughter of children, we must include our own misconceptions of life.
Let’s cut the falsehoods and deal with the reality. We create our own corruption through exclusion, a corruption we created by the omission of a power greater than us. We are once again being urged to pick up the sword. The problem is we are backed up against the wall by the cavalier “red line” words of our own leader, do we really have a choice? Do we save face for the “I” or do we lead as a nation and come together in a real strategy for the defense of the “we” which includes Israel.