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Run That by Me One More Time

Sometimes, people’s logic escapes me. I had an animated conversation with a woman who is against “gay marriage” but in favor of “abortion”. Anti-logic comes in when it turns out she is pro abortion because she truly believes it is a woman’s choice what to do with her body. Further more she added, marriage is for the purpose of procreating and gay people cannot procreate. Now at this point, I politely asked, “run that by me one more time”. You heard me she replied, “Don’t act stupid, a woman has the right to do with her body as she pleases”. I accept that I countered but “what if a woman wants to “share” her body with another woman in the sanctity of marriage?” “No way” she retorted, “that is against the laws of God”.
I am no theologian but I do not recall any reference on gay marriage in the Ten Commandments, the summary of do’s and don’ts but I do recall # 6 is “thou shalt not kill”. I elucidated for the purpose of discussion that a gay female could procreate although if in a committed gay “marriage”, Lucy might have “some splaining” to do. Oh, it could get nasty!
The logic kept getting stranger and stranger. Abortion according to my antagonist is not killing. I responded by saying, “even a single cell is alive, if you intentionally destroy it, you have in essence killed it”. Denial is always a good defense I suppose and I got nowhere. A woman she stated “cannot share her body with another woman”. But “what if it is her choice as you argue is her right?” I said. “She can choose but not that” she continued. “In other words, it is her right to choose what to do with her body as long as you and those who believe as yourself agree with her choice?” I held my ground! “You’re an ass” were her final words as she gave me a digital salute. “Okay” I thought, “let me count to ten in Chinese”. I don’t know Chinese but it worked. I confirmed Opinion Journalists do not make many friends.
The irony of the discussion was the fact this lady, (I am very liberal with the expression of lady hood), is a Catholic. Now I am totally befuddled. Catholic Democrats are in support of abortion and against Gay Marriage. I totally understand why Pope Benedict resigned.
It is amazing how much energy is being spent on fighting gay marriage which carries “no death penalty of the innocent”. The Supreme Court will reveal what their gay marriage decision will be in June and it will be a total surprise if they rule against it. I believe they will opt to bail out of the side door on procedural grounds and leave it to the lower courts ruling in which case gay marriage in California will stand. Look for the popularity conscious phony politicians and our own leader who was against it in 2008 who will now be for it when they see the poll numbers. In the end, it may be left to all states to decide. Anyway you choose to see it; the gay argument of “I just want to have the same rights” is more compelling in today’s agnostic society.
With one million abortions each year, 40,000 children in California alone being cared for in gay marriages and 18,000 children in government foster homes whose parents have been deported for lack of immigration documentation perhaps we as a society have greater issues than being the lifestyle authority for consensual, adult, gay couples who want to legitimize their relationship.