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The Hispanic Voice The Real Freedom of Choice

Entering into unchartered waters for the United States, it is possible our society has changed so much from the years of our fathers and forefathers; we have lost all appreciation for the freedoms we grew up with. What has happened to self sufficiency, personal freedoms, the right to work, business for self, innovation, creative thinking and the ability to speak one’s mind without fear of governmental reprisals?
When did we take the leftist turn on this windy road we call the greatest experiment in Democracy the world has ever known? When did we turn over our God given rights to *536 individuals who now make life and death decisions for us? Who now can tell us what treatments we can have, when and how much we can pay for them? When did our liberty and ability to speak confidentially to our friends, lovers, family and associates vanish into thin air never to be found again? When did we give away these rights or more appropriately, when were these right s confiscated from us without our even knowing? *(435 in House of Representative, 100 Senators and 1 President) American citizens fell asleep at the wheel even while leaders of the opposition were prodding us to wake up; While they kept shouting, “your next” we ignored them, punished them, ridiculed them, yelling “shut up you bigot, shut up you religious fanatic, shut up you Neanderthal, now we are starting to see the naiveté of our mind set. Once you give away your personal freedoms without accountability, you have become a “banana republic”.
While past generations admired the minds of Jefferson, Lincoln, Adams and a great many of our founding fathers, a recent survey shows they have been replaced by “Lady Gaga”, “Justin Beiber” and cheap politicians who think “party”, not country. We elect them based on rhetoric we want to hear and then they, work in partnership with their own kind; they strip YOU of your freedoms while bestowing on themselves, unlimited powers.
We have recently been inundated with revelations of IRS corruption, Department of Justice corruption, NSA eavesdropping, the taking from Verizon 100 million phone records and through a process called Prism, monitoring 9 international web servers that we use for daily email, web networking and communications. We have members of congress and the senate who no longer work for US, they work for their party and the party comes before YOUR freedoms. They pass laws such as Obama Care which they never read and they are exempt from.
The only thing they want out of Obama Care is total controlof the masses. The ability to garner every bit of personal information you as a citizen could possibly have. To garner every thought you may be conveying and to be able to totally block you from even thinking of evading government control, not to mention additional taxation.
We still have aspects of freedom but we have lost our moral and instinctive compass of right and wrong. We have lost the compass our forefathers depended on to keep us free. We have elected leaders who superficially portend to be for us while secretly working against us.
Let go of your myopic thinking, replace party politics with integrity, the thought of doing what is right, the thought of wanting to have your children inherit a free nation, a United States where your worth is determined by your own ingenuity, your own sweat, your own perseverance and your own right to pursue your own dreams.
I recently went to see “The Book of Mormon,” the play on Broadway and I am continually enlightened by a most compelling statement in the end: “The only part of the hereafter that matters is tomorrow”. At this very juncture in American politics, the only part of our future that matters is tomorrow. Whether you concede your personal freedoms to please your party or you vote all anti-constitution politicians out of office, it is your choice.