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The Hispanic Voice Talk and Tell the Truth at the Same Time

As a nation, the majority voted for President Obama because it was endlessly taunted he could “walk and chew gum at the same time”. Precious little was ever confirmed regarding the stream of allegations about his background. Again, as a nation it was decided to be irrelevant.
Anyone who questioned or asked for clarification of the most mundane requirements was immediately labeled, racist, bigot, un-American, dumb, stupid, religious zealot, or simply a Tea Party conservative.
Amen, 51% of the nation was content to have in power a person who would “transform the character” of this nation. We now have a government with no transparency and secret government employee email addresses with aliases, not subject to congressional oversight.
We are witnessing this transformation and a baffled citizenry is expressing the fact “walking and chewing gum at
the same time”, is significantly less important than being able to; “talk and tell the truth at the same time”! No one in this administration can be pinned down to the truth! Every single person in authority who has testified before congress does not know, does not remember or has taken the 5th Amendment protection against self incrimination. There seems to be a contradiction and an inability to remove any entrenched employee within the IRS who simply refuse to leave. Instead, President Obama promotes and gives greater authority to one person (Lerner) to head Obama Care and another (Rice) as National Security Adviser. This to any psychology enthusiast clearly indicates his acceptance and approval of questionable actions and lying. A protective cloak is being thrown around the administration by sycophant Democrats more interested in power and party than country and constitutional freedoms insisting there cannot be judgment for a “non response” by those questioned. We as a nation must be wise enough to understand, “NO RESPONSE IS A RESPONSE”! It is a response known in Italian circles as a clenched upward fist and a sharp upward slap at the bottom of the elbow. If you are smart enough to understand Italian sign language, you are smart
enough to understand what the IRS and this administration by complicity is telling you. There is and will continue to be a classic attempt by this administration and their supporters to blame a raped nation instead of the rapist.
As a nation, it can be difficult to see through the deception, there is a wide personal appeal and inclination to not in
any way undermine a President the general populace has taken a liking to. But, as a nation we must decide now whether we want a constitution or not. All indications are this administration has no regard for the constitution and just as Hugo Chavez in Venezuela manipulated sentiments and turned his nation into a dictatorship through intense marketing, likability and free handouts; we are on the same track. Once Chavez gained party control of congress, he simply legislatively “changed the constitution” to conform to his socialism and Good-Bye freedoms including the first amendment. We are not that far off! When reporters are gathered by the head of the U.S. Department of Justice,
Eric Holder, for “off the record” meetings, another word for “secret” media conclave, you must SEE between the lines, we are in deep trouble! Those organizations who opted not to attend must be commended for having pulled their head out of their rear end long enough to take a breath of uncensored air. Reporters, journalists, publishers none have a binding protection under the First Amendment.
We are all under the jurisdiction of government whim. Journalists need to all remember, “If you keep repeating a lie, you have become a LIAR too”!
Our current justice under our existing Justice Department cannot follow the adage “Justice is Blind” it has been noted, it follows the adage of “Justice is Vindictive” and uses in partnership, as a weapon any and all departments of government. Complicit Congressman and Senators are the most dangerous to our constitution since they work under the umbrella of elective office. We now have “Pro constitution politicians” and defacto “Anti-constitution politicians”. Take your pick, Socialism or Freedom? Comrade or American Patriot?.