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The Hispanic Voice Pull Back the Curtain on the Wizard

You have to wonder what exactly is going on! This administration has engaged the masses in an effort to invalidate the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, the right to bear arms for those who don’t remember. At the same time it is authorizing FEMA to be able to confiscate your reserved food stocks and turn them over to the government in the event of a disaster. So in other words, the government itself will become one of the looters.
Sounds frightening so far, now add in the fact no journalist will be able to report such happenings because our 1st Amendment Rights have been so diluted we citizens are now subject to know what “our government” wants you to know! After attending a function in Pasadena, California last year and listening to Glenn Beck, I used to ask myself, “What if Glenn Beck is right?” Naw, I would answer myself, he’s just a wound-up wacko! Today I listen to the news breaking out all across the United States and find complete corruption in our government system from the IRS, the Department of Justice, the sycophant life members of the Senate, the courts, you name it and it has been tainted! OOPs, . . . my apologies Glenn, “run that by me one more time”.
Slowly, a handful of Republican congressional members with half as much balls as Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi (can I say that?) are starting to unravel the fact this goes all the way up to the White House. I do not say that disparagingly about Nancy, she can show us all a thing or two about real leadership! Staunch administration supporters claim there is no proof of that. Well, we have no proof our president graduated from Harvard either.
We do have proof the head of the IRS visited the White House 105 times within a 12 month period.
His predecessor visited the White House once in five years.
Obama said and I quote; “ we must reward our friends and punish our enemies”. That is not proof! No, but his excuse while testifying before congress was, “I attended the Easter egg Roll Hunt with my children”. Come on Congress, most of us did not graduate from Harvard but we do know Easter, (a Christian celebration, can we still say Christian?”) Only comes once a year!
I guess the eggs part is not really about Christ so we can celebrate the egg part.
I have to continue to ask myself, “can I still say that?” because I know we are all in danger of being audited, investigated, harassed or simply whipped by members of a complicit media too ignorant to see the light.
By all indication, the common folk can relate more to the IRS scandal than they can with the “Freedom of the Press” issue.
While I understand that, I am grateful for any little bit of light that filters into our tiny journalistic brains.
None of us know where this entire fiasco will end up.
As of now, the president still has a 51% approval rating bestowed on him mostly from the “misinformed, low level of knowledge citizenry”, which complicit media helps perpetuate.
It is unfortunate a precedent is being set and even if we have people who will be ousted, expelled
from corrupt government shenanigans, we have allowed government to cross a dangerous threshold. Any subsequent administration can go up to the very line being set of Socialism without a serious challenge; Because, “It has been done before”.
At that point, just a short step forward and we will be no better off than Venezuela or any third world dictatorship. Intellectual citizens know this is one major aim of this administration but, as we hear day in and day out in political circles, “you can’t prove it!” It does not matter what part
of the country you are in, if your Congressional representative or Senate representative has not
openly spoken out against this invasion of our freedoms and constitutional rights, they are part of the problem and you must be very wary of their reelection if you truly value your rights as an American Citizen.
Few Democrat Senators or Congressmen/women have the understanding or inclination to challenge their party. We must all remember, we are not Republicans or Democrats, we are Americans and as Americans
we must hold dear our rights bestowed on all of us by the constitution and the lives of the Millions
who have died defending it! If your representative cannot understand that, get rid of him/ her before it is too late, they are doing your freedoms no good.