The Era of Weakness of Purpose

“In life there are idiots who are geniuses and geniuses who are idiots”. I think we all fall somewhere in between, depending on what is our contrived motivation. I often write about world events because it is such a perfect forum to see the past unfolding as the present. In reference to Syria, we are looking at the same predicament faced by President Clinton in regards to North Korea and their nuclear weapon capabilities. Obama with Syria is taking the same road Clinton took 20 years ago in regards to chemical weapons. We all know NOTHING was resolved. What Obama has accomplished with Syria are two things, a kick of the can down the road and the revival of Russia as the most influential “outside” power of the Middle East. Nothing will be resolved; we will be forced to deal with chemical weapons and political allies Russia and Syria on another stage at another time. Americans are content WWIII was postponed as we should be, but what generation will pay the price of assuring Assad stays in power, chemical weapons are sent underground and Russia regains dominance?
From a world perspective, Americans have become so uninformed, we now allow ourselves to be led by leaders who have no other philosophical concept other than to divide, politically conquer and stay in power. At every opportunity, Democrats in power blast Republicans and Republicans blast Democrats; all wasted effort.
At this point in time, as a nation, we are instigated to apply effort and spend money to affect Islam; in a world population where 2/3 does not have access nor do they understand the internet, a well researched statistic. This data strains credulity when the Secretary of State blames a U-Tube video for a massive violent confrontation with the American Embassy in Benghazi. Americans are being forced by our leaders to spend money and human assets to achieve a philosophical transformation with a population whose religious beliefs have only two solutions to every problem; death or isolation. America should invest money and efforts into saving ourselves. Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria have only one goal, to have you convert, submit and become one of them fighting infidels. There are no side doors; they will all eventually lead to the same conclusion. Putting an acceptable patina on an unacceptable solution defines our current dilemma. Attempting to pit causation vs. correlation in regards to the Middle East as our Secretary of State Clinton attempted to do is political connivance because I doubt she does not know the difference.
Carl Jung had a philosophical point of view where he stressed “those who look outside of themselves are dreamers and those who look inside of themselves are awakening.” America has been blessed with the fulfillment of many dreams and we are now at the precipice of awakening. Whether it is in human rights, or recognition of each other’s unique qualities as human beings, we can choose to look inside of ourselves and awaken.
In Spanish, there is a word, locura and there is lo cura. “Locura” means madness and “Lo cura” means the cure. We must understand it is the empty space which defines the meaning. For some, an empty space reflects nothing but in life it may reflect salvation. As a nation we have to mature to understand and survive. We must be more concerned about what we think of them and adjust than what they think of us and concede. Weakness of purpose is our debility.