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Terrorists Need Jobs

According to the U.S. State Department and the president himself; we have to address the economic issues of Islamic terrorists. Aside from the mendacious appeal to Americas well known sympathetic nature, we can anticipate questioning from mainstream corporations who have a tendency to question disjointed logic. There is a perceived certainty major employers will not accept “killed Christians” as enticing previous experience on resumes prepared by the De-partment of Justice demanding corporations treat these poor lost souls with philosophical equali-ty.
The nation is speechless after the presidents address regarding Islamic ISIS terrorists. The speech should have left little doubt in anyone’s mind, this administration is waffling, favoring the side of those who mean America harm or excusable in today’s society under the influence of powerful anti reality drugs. The president again railed against Christians, Jews and at the same time advocated tolerance, understanding and economic assistance to assuage radical Muslim recruits. The suggestion is, those Muslims who sign up to become terrorists, invoking carnage, rapes, beheadings and burning people alive do so out of a lack of common jobs. Perhaps his brilliant advisors can come up with the creation of a fast track program which would allow Muslim terrorists to apply for citizenship under a executive order. America could be paying for Muslims on the job training to learn more exquisite methods of eliminating Christians and Jews while we finance them to open Middle East, lentil, Kosharie franchises.
Mainstream media will no doubt tout this economic assistance as the gift coming from intellectual superiority, they will give this idiotic premise a pass as they conspire to dumb down America. There is no logic in fighting a forest fire by adding more trees. There is no logic in the suggestion you can stop a rabid dog with the words “nice doggy”. But, that is exactly what America is being led to believe can be achieved by giving Islamic terrorists jobs.
It is incumbent to understand, ISIS is not a religion but, it is a distinctive variety of Islam. It attracts psychopaths, malcontents, adventure seekers and the disaffected populations from across the world. No country is immune to their recruitment outreach. Every country has its fair share of emotionally damaged citizens willing to exemplify the worst of humanity for one brief moment of explosive glory. While we can all take solace in knowing nothing in life is permanent, it is disconcerting to know we are enduring a narcissistic self promoting political leadership not conscious enough to notice they are not clear eyed about the Islamic threat and not mentally equipped to defeat it.
The religion preached by the most ardent supporters of terrorism is derived from incoherent and learned interpretations of Islam. The fact our leadership refuses to acknowledge this does not make it less threatening, it only makes it more of a haven for psychopaths and adventure seekers. Violence prone malcontents who despise the words freedom, Christian and Jews cher-ish the encapsulation of civilization into a narrow version of a religious Middle Ages inhumanity.
Our presidents lumping of our current Islamic threat into a philosophical discussion of fairness is only meant to invalidate the real issue of terrorist threats. Our Commander in Chief would much rather direct our attention to bread and butter political issues oriented towards amassing support and votes for the Democrat goal of a one party government. Obama is much more comfortable promising us a cooling earth in a future society by banning oil than promising us a survivable now by banning the proliferation of nuclear weapons for Iran, a terrorist supporting nation.
Our nation cannot yet accept knowing they gleefully elected a Democrat leadership who has their feet firmly planted in the mush of vacillation.
While Republicans are forced to tone down their opinions of Islamic terrorism, Democrats get a new supplementation of weasel words daily. Obamas “shoo away” war will be difficult to find within any historical perspectives of successful American military excursions.
Mainstream media, one time partners in our quest for truth and American greatness, today cloak themselves in garments of make believe neutrality; a shear fantasy, a pretense rivaled only by Mardi Gras masquerades.