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Surrender Prevents War

In a ha,ha moment, Democrats in the Senate released a barrage of indiscriminate information meant to chastise the CIA. Senate Democrats understanding they will be hard pressed to move their agenda once Republicans take control in January are hurriedly minting new forms of sabotage against American institutions. This is nothing more than a symptom of our cultural slide towards socialism and eagerness to surrender to prevent Islamic war. This is demonstrative of the contemporary love affair of anti-American sentiments originating within our own walls of government. In the past five years there has been a serious decline of traditional understanding of American principles and values. Our current administrations radical approach towards the dismantling of the status quo is symptomatic of a much greater philosophical, emerging change taking place in our nation.
Keeping America safe is an integral part and responsibility of our president and congressional representatives.Taking a parting shot at the agencies tasked to do this by outgoing Democrat committee chairpersons is a clear indication of where their loyalties lay. Political party takes precedence over nation. Never in the history of this nation have we been so vulnerable from surreptitious attacks against ourselves. The entire excuse for the release of classified information, after a questionable investigation in which NONE of the CIA leadership was questioned is in essence a siding with the enemy; this is derived from a neatly packaged Democrat ploy which fits snugly into their own biases.
For a great number of Americans there was never critical concern about who our president really was; therefore we should not be appalled about who he is. Shielding himself within the semblance of a lawful government, the perception of civil rights and an array of condescending political yes men including legislative representatives, our government has led the American spirit into a downward spiral. We have been for the past five years subjects of a conniving government who is determined to change the course of a free nation. It becomes increasingly shameful to witness our elected representatives and media condoning an echo chamber mentality and responding not with die hard patriotism but rather the ludicrous notion of appeasing evil. Appeasing evil by diminishing America is either the product of cynical minds intent on our defeat or a psychotic group mentality who actually believe the devil has ethics.
Today Americans on foreign soil are less safe, 6,000 Marines have been placed on full alert, CIA operatives have been instructed to stand down, our intelligence allies are reassessing how committed they will be to partner against mutual enemies, all embassies have doubled their security and security teams are bracing for potential explosions. In the Senate led by Democrats there is a climate of rehashed revelations about Americas stringent interrogation of captured enemies; in which no one died. This will reignite terrorism activity around the world against America. But, pretending the whipping of ourselves will discourage or stop kidnappings and the beheadings of innocent civilians in Islamic nations or by ISIS is a stunning betrayal of our sensibilities. Such behaviors merit a relentless acceleration of conservative efforts to take control of a leadership too weak to protect, too arrogant to lead and too engrossed in party politics to encompass the will of a free nation. Seventy three percent of Americans believe we as a nation are heading in the wrong direction.
We live in fear of enemy reprisals, we live in fear of hooded terrorists, we live in fear of what the Islamic world thinks of us and we live in fear of our own capabilities. It is difficult to comprehend the felicity of our strength until it is gone. Officially China has overtaken America as the worlds leading economy and soon we will be relinquishing to ISIS the title of most feared army. The Democrat Party has evolved into an unrecognizable American institution causing millions to conclude “ I did not leave the party, the party left me”! You must value logic to understand the value of logic. We do not have to accept change and we can change the things we cannot accept. We can save America in 2016.