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Support the Police

There is a definite correlation between dissatisfaction with self and a proneness to credulity. The current wave of the “anti-cop” movement fostered and promoted by “Black Lives Matter” is a clear example of their inability to see things as they really are. This promotes both gullibility and charlatanism. In the Ferguson police shooting, no one ever said “hands up don’t shoot” yet it has become gospel among protestors who demand drastic and abrupt changes in their way of life. Little emphasize is placed on the fact black people are killing each other by the hundreds in their own neighborhoods. Cops were the only barrier they had between civility and total chaos. Black Lives Matter has become a mass movement rejecting the present and centering their interests on the future. A future recklessly being pursued with no thought how lawlessness affects the health, wealth and lives of those who buy into the faults and follies of this active movement. Destroying their own communities and support structures hardly promotes renovation of the stagnant lawless society they are intent on achieving.
The leadership coming from the White House has been corrupted by weakness and the inability to stand for American principles. The White House instead sides with the protestors in a need for passionate attachment with a movement devoid of any moral value. The White House does not appeal to reason or moral sense, it instead appeals to the malcontents who have been persuaded their anti establishment movement is fueled by righteousness and a holy cause. Obama confirms the fact fanatics of all kinds crowd together at one end.
Knowing the fanatics and the moderates are poles apart, they eye each other with suspicion and are always ready to fly at each other’s throat. Their two faced rhetoric is aimed at appeasing by preaching we are neighbors, brothers and the American family. The wretchedness or their lawless actions best describes traitors who have become fanatic, radical reactionaries who have gone over to the other side of American values and attempt to hasten the downfall of a American world they actually despise. Where does the White House and elected leaders actually stand on all this? There seems to be a thin line between violent extreme, nationalism and treason. We are witnessing an organized group with a kinship with reactionary and radicalism much more closely related than with liberalism or conservatism.
The attacks on law enforcement are only symptomatic of the transition this administration has allowed to occur. Obama remains aloof and a common hitchhiker on the train of frivolity and ignorance. He hungers for the deep assurance of a legacy, a legacy he will likely achieve as the great procrastinator who could not come to the realization America is the greatest symbol of freedom, the world beacon of self realization. No amount of propaganda however subtle and perfect can turn a mind convinced America is inferior, discriminating and deserves a socialistic society into freedom loving democrats or republicans.
We are witnessing a mass movement in our midst aided by our own leadership which can only be turned back by law abiding society itself. Law and order, policing is an instrument devised for the preservation of an established lawful society. As we can readily see, law enforcement can be disrupted, disassembled and taken apart at will whereas the anti-cop mass movement seems to be an instrument of eternity, joiners do so for life. Not unlike ISIS, who terrorize for zealot religious belief, the Black Lives matter movement does so to disrupt and destroy America.
America craves and is in desperate need of a new leadership who understands police and we are under siege in our society. Climate change is inconvenient but civil anarchy Is deadly. Support your local police for civility. Reject upheaval!